Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vitro di Mare (Bonnie's Allietare mystery) - top done

Finishing around 81" x 95", my version of Bonnie K. Hunter's Allietare quilt design has reached flimsy status.

I set out to put the finishing touches on the top a couple of Sundays ago;  the borders.  The inner border was an easy decision, as I had just enough of the darker brown fabric to pull off 2" strips, however, the final outer border required some fabric auditions.

Deciding on the green, a couple of hours later resulted in a complete 81" x 95" flimsy, ready for quilting.

Continuing the perseverance on the day, a backing was prepped, some batting sections were spliced, and all three layers were loaded on the quilting frame.  Setting up my go-to 7" feather pantograph, a few passes of quilting were completed using Aurifil thread for both the top and bobbin.

With two customer quilts coming my way this past week, today's downtime turned into some quilting work time in hopes to move this quilt off the frame and into the binding pile.

Happy Sunday everyone.