Tuesday, June 18, 2024

UFOs #1 & #2 - OMIGosh & Scrappy Log Cabin

"Welcome back, Amy.  So, any lingering UFOs?"
 -- to which she laughed, and laughed!
Oh goodness golly, I'm not even SURE what I have hiding away in UFO status.  So, as a start...

OMIGOSH!  This project has lingered... and lingered... and lingered.  Generally speaking, it's been the ongoing on-and-off leader-ender project next to the machine for years (assuming units have been prepped), with my earliest mention of it back in an October, 2012 post.  It recently has been given the forefront of my attention whenever I actually happened to have found time in the previous year in my sewing space.  Today, the final units were trimmed...

... and some of the piecing began.

No down-sizing of this bad boy, either.  I've officially labeled with as UFO #1 with solid plans on making it my next finish!  #ChallengeAccepted

Additionally, amidst my sewing-room transition, I blew the dust off of this hidden bin of scraps (literally!).  I actually recall loosely when these were collected and cut; YEARS ago ... maybe 2008-ish?  I'm thinking that when the OMIGosh quilt sees a finish, these'll be next up.  There were a bunch of completed blocks in the bucket with some scribbled love-notes and prepped units; officially identified as UFO #2 for now.


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