Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of school!

It finally arrived, and FLEW BY! Holy buckets---what a crazy day with very little breathing time. In fact, it was one of those days where I had to go to the bathroom by 9:00 am, but was so busy that I completely forgot about it until the last bell rang at 3:18!!!! The 7th graders were pleasant -- listened when they needed to -- *chuckle*-- and when I GAVE them the opportunity to get up and "bust a move" to the music, they sat, stared at me, and probably thought I was off my rocker!!! I DID manage to show them Mathemagic-----

Video can be found at Mathemagic if loading seems to be taking forever.

I don't think I'm going to get downstairs to work on OTR tonight. It's almost 9:00, and, well, after running 6 miles tonight, I'm just ready to relax and kick back and maybe even hit the hay a little early tonight. Here is the status that I left the machine in yesterday-----as said, 200 HST's are sewn, while another 190 await in piles. No rush here, so..........they'll wait another couple of nights :0)

This weekend, we celebrated Cathy's 60th birthday, and she L-O-V-E-D her quilt!!! It got plenty of ooh's and aah's once revealed.

Alrighty, short post tonight. I'm ready to veg with a Runner's World magazine in bed and crash. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Candace said...

You had a really long satisfying day it sounds like. As you said, the OTR will wait a couple of days, longer for me. Cathy's qult is beautiful, is she a relative or a friend?

scraphappy said...

Love those first day pictures. I look forward to them every year with my own kids. I'm sure the 7th graders will loosen up soon enough, especially when they all get to know each other. Isn't junior high such a fun age?
I got my package in the mail today. Thanks so much! It really made my day!

Carol said...

I always loved the first day of school pix and then the last day of school pix! Sounds like you have alot of your plate now that school has started, I am sure the days will fly by!