Friday, September 5, 2014

September rolled in.

Ah yes.....and here we have the traditional First Day of the School Year picture, with a couple more additions joining our 3rd, 5th and 8th graders.  We felt it was a quite fitting way to capture the transitions between the ending of this specific summer (of chickens) into the 2014-15 school year.  Lil' Miss Bossy hatched out two lil'uns on Monday, bringing our final....yes, FINAL... 2014 number of chickens to 42.

One (almost full) week into the school year......I AM PUMPED!  Truly!
My transition back into the world of High School is awesomely running smoothly.  Super pumped everyday.  Just HAPPY and ENJOYING everyday.  And so far.........well......MAYBE one or two students are feeling like the kiddo pictured above, but otherwise..... it's been a great start.

And holy moly... Wednesday night brought on a whopper of a storm!  The images of hail and damage slowly flooded the always live Facebook newsfeed.   It was another night of Paul's evening shift, so I had to be the strong one in charge.  Gah!  I don't like storms when I have to play that role alone!

But the girls..... they just snuggled in and buried their noses in their books, fresh from the school's library.  

Life is pretty good right now.  The girls are older and more independent on completing their chores after school.  Goodness -- it's so great they have taken on the responsibility without (too much) complaining. ;)  The days have certainly gotten full!   Going strong 6AM until 8PM most days so far before finally having an opportunity to sit and relax with some FB, blog reading and email reading.  
It's all good :D

Happy Friday!


Andee said...

Always nice when life is busy and satisfying but not too insane. Life IS good! :)

scraphappy said...

Sounds like a smooth and happy back to school transition. Love the photo of the girls snuggled up on the couch. Knowing it it will be a great year.