Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall finishes [Crochet]

Such a sight is long behind us already in the northern parts of Wisconsin. Cassie captured this image during the first weeks of October; a sure sign that winter was nearing.

...And crochet projects got underway for the changing season. 

 Cailtyn's Hat [free Ravelry pattern]

Cassie's wristers [free Ravelry pattern]

And yes, we wrapped up the tomato harvest as well -- JUST in time for the snow to come.
We have two cases of spaghetti sauce and a couple cases of pizza sauce.  In fact, I just made up a batch of lasagna yesterday with one of the last jars from last year's harvest. 

Somewhere amidst the end of summer, the Fall Ripple was finished but never blogged about.  
Candace had chosen the colors and order of the yarns for the afghan.  She wants to claim it as hers, but she can't get EVERY afghan I make.

This is a larger afghan, finishing at 68" x 90" and fitting a queen sized bed decently.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was in a creative slump -- I didn't care to work on ANY projects I had underway, crochet nor quilting!  I know I'm not alone when it comes to starting a new project;  after all, that's usually why (and how) we have so many UFOs floating around ;)

However, this one kept me motivated...

... and I put the final stitches in this afternoon while watching a Harry Potter movie with the girls.
The yarns used were extras I purchased for the Trip Out West afghan (hmm.... did I ever blog officially about that???)

Random Ripple Afghan (54" x 67")
At first, I started out with the standard ripple pattern, alternating colors after one back-n-forth path.  But then, I tried out a random strip generator, and followed a sample there for awhile.  Sadly, I ran out of the darker gray yarn midway and refused to buy any new yarns! (GASP!)  So, I threw in a charcoal grey towards the end just to get another 'dark' in the afghan before wrapping it up for good.
Roughly, this afghan took 20-25 hours to complete;  not too shabby.


scraphappy said...

Looks like you have plenty of afghans to keep you busy during the long cold winter. Hope you are enjoying your time off with family.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Beautiful projects! I still don't know how you can make these things with a stick and string?????? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Andee said...

All your projects are SO beautiful! I love to crochet, but do not do well with making my rows even, so I have to stick to things like the dishcloths or something that works in a square. I should try again though...LOVE the fingerless mittens...may have to try it (but may have one done to join my one done socks in knitting) becuase Coleman wears those things in winter here..he is diabetic and his hands get cold. So far I buy the darn things! Thanks for sharing, miss your quilts! You are in for the new mystery though right? Blog us a picture of your fabric choices, pretty please?

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - you GO girl!!! wish I still had your energy for all your creative activities. Good for you that you are teaching your girls how "real" people live. I only quilt these days. Thanks for a nice visit this morning. 8-))