Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Insurance policy" tomatoes; chicks soon!

Well folks, the tomato transplants from last weekend were looking a bit sheepish all week long (SADLY!), although a few were hanging on and showing new growth on the tops.  However, it would appear that last night's frost finally did all of them in :(  
Forty-five plants, three months of pampering, bags of soil, and hours of transplanting seem to have gone down the drain!  
Lesson learned!  Next year:  April 1st!  That's it!  April 1st!   No earlier!

THANKFULLY, two weeks ago, I finally got around to planting some 'insurance policy' tomatoes in the event that my 'crazy-early-planting' tomatoes ended up dead in their transplanting tracks.  We have a little bit of a head start on fifty-three more plants.  
In all actuality, we aren't any further behind than what we normally are at this time of the year.  It's cold up here!  This simply mean that the tomato harvest will, once again, need to happen once we're back at school in September.  **Shrug**   Truly truly, 'better late than never.'
On the flip-side, a conversation with Paul today may lead to a transportable hoop house or small green house being built this summer.  ;)

Hm.  Looks like my lil' planting helper wanted to see if the tomato roots would grow into a pony tail???

Today marks day #18 for our incubator eggs, so they were removed from the automatic turner and placed into their final hatching position.
Take a closer look at the egg in he lower left corner...

One lil' guy seems to be in a hurry to be the first born.
In the next couple of days, I expect a couple of dozen lil' chickies :D


katie z. said...

What rotten luck with the frost!

We hated our own chicks this spring, and I fear the bulk are roosters.

JB said...

While I'm sad about your tomato plants, I'm excited for the greenhouse for you. I think that will be SOOOO neat for you guys. I hope your little chick has hatched already. One of the teachers had her chicks hatching on days 18/19. Most of mine hatched on days 22/23. I even had one hatch on day 24/25. Shocked me when I went into school on Sunday and found her in the incubator.

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