Monday, August 17, 2015

Early August happenings...

I took a moment to go through my phone pics to see what I've been up to lately... 

Part of the basil patch was harvested to make some Pesto.  Paul, Cassie and myself are quite fond of Pesto... on crackers, on toast, on pizza.  When planting in the spring, I elected to plant an entire package of seed.  Heehehehe.... I don't think we need to do THAT again!  We literally have basil growing out of our ears.  Some friends were invited over to help manage the basil;  we still have LOTS left over.

Excitement in the mail!!!!!  KatieZ contacted me earlier about some cotton yarn she had in excess and wondered if I was interested in working out a deal.
?!?!?!!   Ah--yah!  Candance and I were both excited to tear into the box of goodies!
And later that day, while the girls swam, I elected to finish crocheting up some Crochet-top kitchen towels.
Also on the mail-front....
Cassie gandered out to the mailbox one day...

... to be followed home by her posse!

Some shifting of chicken houses needed attention due to the newest (and FINAL) hatchlings of the season.

Big Mama with our 22 youngest hatchlings (first week of August).  She is protecting them nicely in the ground brooder, which was NOT the original plan, BTW!
Nope, nope.  Originally, we were going to have her start brooding them in the house-brooder.
But..... it seems that another Mama was interested in even MORE chickens on the Skattebo ranch!

*forehead slap!*
Yes folks---there is a chance to have another dozen or so chicks on the property in another week or so!  And, I KNEW there was a reason for the dwindle in egg production in the upper coops!

Anyway, yah, so the house-shifting started!
We started by kicking Carlos (rooster) out of the 'new' coop in order to allow the 27 oldest chicks of the season to have safe access to their permanent housing.  Together with two other year-old hens, they are now housed.  (29 birds there).
Carlos and two other older hens departed the 'new' coop together and are now mingling quite nicely with our main rooster, Steve, and his posse of 9 hens.  So...., what is that?.....another 13 birds.  (42 so far).
Then, the 14 'teenager' that had been in the ground brooder were moved into the temporary housing that the older chicks HAD been in.  (we're up to.... 56).
At that point, we were able to move Big Mama and her 22 chickies into the ground brooder (78 now; I already counted Mama as one that belonged to Steve).
So... I THINK I've taken care of counting everyone..... add to that another dozen or so that the newest Mama will hatch.... Yah.  About 90 birds.  That's fun, right?!?!!?

Oh yah... one other little minor happening in early August...
I turned 40.  


katie z. said...

Yay! I'm so glad the box arrived.

We have lots of chickens, but the meaties get butchered next week. Then I'll be down to... 56?!

JB said...

Lordy have a lot going on (bet you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?). All your activity keeps you young. Thanks for keeping us updated on all your happenings!

Deb A said...

My goodness! Happy Belated birthday and love the field of sunflowers. You have been busy as have those roosters! With the price of eggs and chicken going up I'd love to have some in my back yard... but the association won't allow it. I loved your post on how you stocked your freezer... I always wondered how you did that. Hope you have a great school year once it starts up for you soon.

scraphappy said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like hardly a moment to celebrate with all the goings on around there. Hope you are able to squeeze in most of the harvesting and storing away before the school year gets busy.