Sunday, February 26, 2017

Customer quilt -- change of plans...

The current customer king-size quilt on the frame is a bit slower-going than normal due to this cute creative orange border addition.

Typically, I'm an edge-to-edge pantograph quilter, however this little lip will create havoc in that plan.  Therefore, time is being taken to tie-off threads at the start and end of each pass in the center portion of the quilt in order to keep her border treatment to remain unique.  Once the center is quilted, the quilt will then be reinstalled length-wise in order to quilt her outer borders.

Pantograph of choice:  this edge-to-edge 7" pantograph from Cheryl Barnes.

In other news...

A few moments were taken this morning to transplant a few early Cherry Tomato seedlings that are destined to be potted plants, producing (hopefully) by mid April.  I'm waiting somewhat patiently for the end of March in order to plant all the rest of the Garden 2017 tomatoes; a couple new varieties being tested out this year.

Caitlyn has been joining me downstairs during my recent quilting endeavors in order to bring her quilt to completion.  Last weekend, she finished up piecing the blocks.  Today, she hopes to get all (most?) of the top's center pieced together.

And last weekend, after hours of standing behind the quilting machine, my back was given a rest when I pulled out the ongoing (FOREVER!) WIP monster king-size Manghan for the hubster.  The good news is it's over half completed ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!


Nimble Thimbles A Chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild said...

Good plan on quilting that quilt! So excited to see the plants coming along again this year! Maybe one day I will garden again..right now I cannot even keep my succulents alive!
Loving Caitlin's quilt! She did such a nice job on those blocks!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Ugh! on having to quilt that king sized beast like that. LOVE how Caitlyn's quilt blocks are turning out!! Good luck with the finishing of both.

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