Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been a long time...

Life has really kept me away from blogging, mainly because I haven't had much of anything to blog about. I haven't touched my sewing machine in over 2 weeks (this weekend will be the 3rd weekend of no sewing.) Amazingly, I am not going through any withdrawal symptoms.

School has not started, nor will it for another 2 weeks, but my life turned "school-mode" a few weeks ago. It's okay; I've dived right back in full-swing; prepping for the vball season (starting on Monday), transferring over all of our school's website content to the new management system, attending 3 weeks worth of Math workshops. Any free time I've had at home, I've pretty much spent working on the new website or doing some surfing for vball drills. I really haven't felt a "NEED" to get on the sewing machine. Maybe it's the break I needed, since I don't have any deadlines on the forefront.

The family is well. I will be doing some surfing shortly to see if I can find something "special" to do with the girls tomorrow around the area. Tomorrow is my last official "no-school-work-to-do" day; after that I will not have another full day off until the first school vacation day (in November??). We are a very rural community, so I may find I'll be traveling an hour or so in order to make the day "special".....**shrug** I dunno. The girls have been with G'parents so much lately, I've really missed them!!! (Ditto from DH).

Happy Wednesday


Linda said...

Have a very special day and weekend with your girls! You all desire it!

scraphappy said...

Good luck finding a fun way to say goodbye to summer. I'm sure the urge to sew will return with gusto at some point. Until then, you seem to have plenty to fill your days. It is good to have a chance to miss the kids. I'm sure they will be happy to have you back again.