Thursday, July 30, 2009

???? It's Friday already????

Just a few words....

A) new web-design software needs to be learned----has been my life the past few days; working with Superintendent.
B) new volleyball uniforms are in---with mistakes---spending time on the phone/emails with uni rep
C) assnt' vball coach resigned in June; had all summer to find replacement; season starts in two weeks---PANIC!

I am sitting calm and EXTREMELY EXCITED at the moment. So many things have come into place today and LIFE IS GOOD!

A) Signed web-contract yesterday and new content can be added starting next week. Whew----I have some time before vball starts and school!

B) Uniform rep has accepted blame and is honoring my original order. Confirmed at 10:28 am today that uniforms should be ready by season start

C) Today at 1:23 pm, I received a message from the "horse's mouth" herself----I have an assistant coach! We both are EXTREMELY excited to start the season; she is a former player (one of the best hitters our school has ever had). Yeah, yeah, yeah. (doin' a lil' dance) is good.

Oh.....quilting you ask????? Psht! My hands haven't touched my machine or fabric since Sunday. I could quilt all day tomorrow if I wanted, but......believe it or not, I want to head to school and spend most of the day getting organized and ready for school, vball and the new website.

Happy Thursday!


Amanda said...

Why would you be doing something you know well when there are new challenges to conquor? Have a great day playing with your new website and getting ready for next term. I was always the same, really excited about getting ready for the new school year.

scraphappy said...

So hard to decide what to do when there are so many things on the list. I'm in the same boat right now, and though I know I will regret it later, I'm pulled to school stuff too. It is all good though, fabric doesn't go bad after all, it will wait patiently.

Linda said...

Hi Amy!
I think I know who the asst. coach was who resigned--but I can't think who would be the new coach! How about a hint with initials. I need to stop in at school for a few hours and start to think in the school gear soon!!! Need to sort through all the new info from my class and prepare it for students!