Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 ending soon---what's ahead for 2010?

It's Thursday morning, and I've been perusing many of your blogs, finding motivation for the FREE DAY AHEAD!!!! And maybe even TWO??? The snow is coming down like crazy; already a good 3 inches on the ground with another 9-15+ in the forecast for the remainder of the day through tomorrow. Our travel plans to Marshfield (2.5 hours south) MAY just be postponed until Sat. AM. The good news: This is the FIRST YEAR Santa is actually making a visit to the Skattebo household. Cassie is NINE, and will be her first C'mas at home! She's super excited. She said---"MOM! We HAVE to get the stockings out!" And my mind said "Poop---now I need to get some smaller stocking stuffers!" ;0) Good thing I took care of that last night before the snow started coming down. She also asked me to set up a cross-stitch hoop for her, so when this post is completed, I'm off to get her started.

This year isn't over yet, and I have BIG AMBITIONS to have at least two more completions (if not three???) before ringing in the new year.

BUT, looking ahead to 2010 already:....
Nancy (Patchwork Penguin) organized a "UFO Challenge" in 2009. A few of us signed up and did "okay"; I haven't double-checked, but I think I managed to polish off six??? So, NANCY---if you plan on doing this for 2010, SIGN ME UP!!!! If not----LET ME KNOW! I'll organize it for 2010!!!

A Pay It Forward campaign was floating around the online quilting world in 2009. My PIF'ers should be receiving their packages soon (they're in the mail). And my PIF gift will in the hands of Carol (Cornfield Quilter) soon (also in the mail). She is machine quilting my Perkiomen Daydreams. THANK GOODNESS! That thing is a monster at 100x100 and would have been a beast on a DSM!

So....2010??? I have an idea playing out in my head, but just haven't devoted time to really planning it out. I'm seeing 2010 being a year of a Mystery BOM (Block-of the-month). Two 12" blocks every month for 10 months (20 blocks leading to a 4x5 layout); the 11th month could be borders/sashing, and v'iola---a finish by December 2010. The blocks are coming from all over-- online, G'ma's old quilting books, many "traditional" blocks!!! My stash has lots of blue scraps, and maybe a red, white, blue quilt will be in the works? Anyway---stayed tuned if you're interested. Blocks (directions or links to the online block directions) will be posted on the side bar. Definitely a mystery since I don't know which blocks I'm planning yet, but I'm going to try to keep it to a background color, and two accents colors. I'm also going to challenge MYSELF to include at LEAST one paper-pieced block, because I'm not a paper-piecer. (I want to learn, though). My quilt will be scrappy to burn through a SMALL bit of my stash (the background will be solid white).

Anyway---enjoying my morning and getting excited to get downstairs to start my finishes :0)

Happy Thursday -- Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Safe travel to all of you on the road, in the air, or on the sea!!!


Linda said...

Merry Christmas Amy! I hope Caitlin is feeling better so the girls will be able to enjoy Christmas!

scraphappy said...

Merry Christmas. Enjoy your first Christmas morning at home as a family. My oldest is 10 and we still have not accomplished that. Of course nobody had a clear enough concept of time to figure it out for the first 6 years or so. Glad to hear that you are already thinking ahead to next year. Of course now you have my mind running in circles as well and I spent the last half of our drive to Georgia making my list and checking it twice. A mystery BOM sounds quite interesting. If Nancy didn't sign up for the UFO challenge again this year I was thinking of taking charge as well. so I'm glad that you are thinking along the same lines. Enjoy your picture perfect white Christmas morning at home!!!!!