Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Mystery [updates all day]

The quilting mojo has returned.....inspiration is everywhere. This morning, it came in the form of catching up on emails and ready my Daily Digests from QYMysteryQuilts. Ann has been gearing everyone up all week, and I didn't decide until this morning to join in with the fun. The classic internal conversation was haunting me all night.....

Devil's advocate voice: Oh Amy, you know you want another project. Look at that sidebar; the UFO listed isn't too big, and your WIP list is soooo tiny.
Rational voice: Yes, but, imagine what I could finish off my list if I only were to work on my UFOs and WIPs. I could check off one more project to wrap up 2011 in good fashion.

By the title of the post, you can already determine which voice won :0)

I'll be a bit behind in the posting of the clues all day since I hadn't even chosen my fabrics yet, much let completed all the pre-cutting. It took me a moment to determine whether I wanted to create a R/W/B quilt, or use these wonderfully feeling "fall" Moda/Red Rooster fabric colors I received in a "scrap" box a few months ago.

I haven't done a time-lapsed post in a long time---I thought it would be fun and exciting to create track this way today since I have NO OTHER PLANS besides sewing (and feeding my family as needed).

The actual sewing of step #1 went quick; less than an hour...

So between steps 1 and 2, I assisted Cassie in rearranging my sewing room. She wanted to have her sewing setup in my room rather than be out in the carpeted area. I can't say I blame her; the feeling of being out in the open carpet area is so lonesome as compared to my secluded (heated) TV-equipped sewing room.

Step #2 asked us to "flip-sew" a 1.5" square onto a 2.5" background square. TYPICALLY I double-sew these seams to create bonus triangles.....but even **I** know when enough is enough. No double-sewing for these babies.....trim, trim, trim and toss, toss, toss. They didn't even make my crumb box.

Step #2 completed; just in time for a quick coffee break before starting step #3.

Andee is playing along too....can't wait to see what she, DJ and Kathy come up with :0)


scraphappy said...

Oh, it looks like fun! Wishing I could join in. Love the colors you chose.

Andee said...

I better take some decent photos and blog...trying to feel like continuing but really just feel like going to bed...ugh!