Friday, August 30, 2013

Who to blame.......Bonnie? Or Husband?

This past week, there truly has only been one thing on my mind:
6AM until 10PM -- all day planning, school prepping, school fretting, school meetings, school potlucks, ....... you name it!  If it relates to school.... it's been my life for 5 days straight!
Thank GOODNESS Paul's "off-days" fell this week.  Life would have been much more hectic if they hadn't.  

But now, after spending a final (non-required) few hours at school this morning.....
I feel CALM!  Most of my energy has been dedicated to the updated AP-Statistics vision for the school year, and I feel ready!  ((At least for Day #1)  LOL.

So, at noon, Paul called me to see if I wanted to ride along with him to pick up pig food at a town 20 miles away.  
You Bet'cha!  Cass ended her volleyball practice at noon, I wrapped up a few last minute things for Tuesday's First Day, and we headed out.  {{Of course, I should mention that I read the "Staff Handbook" on the way down to the feed store, but then, I was DONE!}}  I zipped the school bag shut.  And we chatted.

And we stopped for ice cream "for lunch" on the way back.

And we stopped at a garage sale.......

Having NO intentions of really buying anything, we just "looked."  It was a "Paul-style" yard sale;  antiques, carpentry... it was at a huge farm, afterall.

And then.....

"Hey Amy, aren't those sewing machine cases?"

NOW, before I go any further....
I AM NOT starting a collection!  Nope.  Not an interest.

BUT, when each was only priced at $4.00......
come ON!  Who WOULDN'T pass 'em up?!?!!?!?  Even if they don't work....they'll be LOVELY decorations!!!!!!

Machine #1....

Machine #2:  (HEAVY!!!!)

I have done ZERO research so far.  My first stop was to update the blog when we arrived home.  So, if you have info you'd like to share, Super!  I doubt they run.  I doubt they have all "working" pieces.  But.....that black one is just PURDY!!!!!!

Shortly after turning onto our road, Paul says...."Ya know, we should really stop there at least once."

We have lived at our house for almost 10 years now, and just half a mile down the road is a "Homestead Crafts" .....  It's a renovated ol' barn, nothing much to look at from the outside.  I've always thought "yeah, I should stop just to see what they have...." but it simply hasn't happened.

So we stopped.


This is truly one of those "it's not much to look at from the outside, but the inside....WOW!" kinda dealios!  Both Paul and I took one step inside and said........WOW.....with our jaw dropping to the floor.

It is FILLLLLLED with crafts! Ceramics, sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, woodwork, cement-moldings, knickknacks, bead work,  ..... well...... I can't even list it all!
Curious??  Homestead Crafts online, and the website really doesn't do the place justice!  I will definitely be stopping back there sometime soon!

So now.....
I'm going to have "me" time.
First, do some sewing machine research.
Then, do some sewing machine dusting, maintenance, and testing.


This box has been waiting patiently since Wednesday for me to dig into!

My collection of scarves has grown with some time dedicated to them last week.  I mass ordered the Green/Gold team spirit yarn in order to whip up some more for the Fall craft shows coming up soon -- MIL is asking for me to "help out any way I can."  
Duh----let's see if GO PACKERS scarves will sell.  If not-----CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!! :)

School work will return, but I really think I'm "good" until Monday.

Then of course.....
the garden is getting red with tomatoes, and green with cucumbers and beans.  But for now...... I think that can wait until tomorrow.

Happy Friday everyone!  


the ark said...

I love that your "date" was to go get pig feed! That is awesome! I am truly in awe of how dedicated you are to your students. A good teacher really does make all the difference in whether or not a child at least feels free to learn (even if they do not take advantage of it!). I remember an algebra teacher in junior high who was so strict that she did not allow questions! Who could learn in that environment? I was failing the course and thought that I was "bad at math" but then I got a tutor and literally within days was completely caught-up and getting A's on my tests. Your students are so lucky to have you.
Be kind to yourself and try to enjoy your last weekend of summer.

Deb A said...

Amy - I truly hope my kids get teachers like you as they grow. You sound like a great one. Enjoy your last weekend of freedom! Your 'date' sounds like ours! Dinner and then usually Home Depo or Lowes! We really live big don't we? LOL.

Amanda said...

Like you, I always had ambivalent feelings as the end of the summer holidays approached. I loved the fact that for one time in the whole school year I was really prepared, the classroom was tidy, I knew what I was doing. But I was always nervous as the new term approached. And I hated that it meant the end of summer. But you sound as if you're over the blues and feeling more positive, so that's great. The black sewing machine is so pretty. I have two old machines that sit on the window sills in the dining room just doing nothing but looking pretty. They do work, but I don't really need to use them. Though now I have a new Bernina that weighs a ton I might have to use the Featherweight to take to classes.

Sundae Quilter said...

So glad my name wasn't mentioned in the enabling title :)

ummmmm Green and Gold???? Perhaps one might find it's way to PA :) I will have to find some green/gold yarn here and have my MIL knit it up for me.

Have a good first week at school!

Andra Gayle said...

My daughter would love a packers scarf- how much?

Angela Neff said...

Congrats on the machines! A friend made me a Packer scarf like that I can't wait to wear this season...Great idea to make a bunch of them, I should probably do that myself! :)

Kevin the Quilter said...

Those vintage machines are some real beauties! I can't wait to see them all dolled up after some TLC from you! I'm sure you are making Bonnie proud! LOL

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Woo hoo for 'new' machines! :) I have 2 that I haven't even touched as far as cleaning and oiling and testing. I've had them since June. :)