Friday, October 4, 2013

Busy, busy, priorities, priorities..

If I could find 20 minutes in my life to update my blog on a daily basis, I certainly would....
It's INSANE how busy, busy the day-to-day is!  It ZOOOOMS by!  

I mean....come ON!  It's the first weekend in OCTOBER already!!!??!!?!!!!  
Holy moly.
Where did September go??

Caitlyn has dutifully been plugging away on her Pioneer Day projects with some assistance from Dad and Mom.   Here, she is hammering a pattern into a tincan to be used as a lantern (Project #1 - check.)

She took complete charge of making her 2nd project.....a Yarn Doll.  I never had a chance to snap a picture of it because she took it to school right away.

Her 3rd project was Apple Butter that we made up Tuesday evening.   Oh yes...we've been busy every night with SOME kind of preservation of some sort.  Tomatoes are still in full action.  Can you believe that???  LOL.  It's OCTOBER, for crying out loud.  This Sunday will be the LAST of our tomatoes, though.... ( I think???) :D

Her 4th and final project was 90% completed by herself!  She actually had the top all put together before I even realized she was making a quilt.  Little stink-pot!  :0)
So, I helped by showing her how to baste the layers together.  She quilted it with a simple grid.  I attached the binding for her, but then she finished sewing it to the front (via machine).
And then....bless her heart.... she said, "Mom, just so you know, I'm going to give this to Aspen.  He's moving away this weekend, so I want him to have it.  It'll be hard, but I know you give your quilts away all the time.  I want him to remember us."    Awwwww.

Candace has been reading up a storm, trying to challenge herself into reading over 20 books (or chapters) each month.  She accomplished the September goal. :)  Yay Candace.   When I asked her about reading, she said..."Ya Mom, I like reading more this year.  Last year I didn't even read 100 books, but I'm going to get 200 easily this year." Awwww.

And!  Keeping me oodles busy!  7AM - 5PM, and then it picks back up at 8PM - 10PM just about everynight after the girls head off to bed.  BUT, the students this year are pretty okay ;)  Many of them have a conscience, and know right from wrong, and are willing to go the length to "do the right thing."  Bless them :)  {{And I'll have you know, this was COMPLETELY initiated by the students.  This was not a "I want you to write me a letter on what you did wrong" moment.  This showed up on my desk after class, completely a surprise to me.}}  Awww.

:D  Yup.  LOTS of great AWWWWW moments flying around this place.  Isn't life great?

Yep...even this student! :)  She and I are still often found at the kitchen table, nightly, working on homework, side-by-side.  Pictured here, she's just starting her Math HW.  Gah.......what kind of teacher must she have that actually assigns HW once in a while?!?!?!?!?!?!?  
{{At most 2 problems on any given night.  2 keys problems.  10 minutes.  Doable, right?}}

And then.....Volleyball...



AND yet MORE volleyball!!!!!

 Not to mention that we actually TRY to fit in some "dad" time when he's home and not working his own crazy busy 12-hour shift schedule.

PLUS some family time around a campfire with the Autumn season hitting full force.  Last weekend was reserved for family (at least until Sunday afternoon hit).....

And then it was back to more school work.
But even a teacher's brain hits a shutting-down-going-to-break mode EVENTUALLY!

Life is pretty grand right now!  Flying by.  Filled to the brim.  But happy.  And healthy.  

Happy Friday.


JB said...

Holy cow are you guys busy. Let Caitlyn know that I had tears in my eyes when I read what she planned to do with her quilt. You sure are raising the girls to be caring members of society!! I'm so very proud of her! I'm glad to see Candace has a goal for reading. Maybe I'll try to match her goal since I haven't been able to do a hill of beans on our running goals. As for Cassie, she sure is growing up fast. Miss all of you immensely!!

JB said...
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Amanda said...

Oh how I remember those days of work, homework, out of school activities, more school work, more homework, projects, cooking, laundry, etc etc and then trying to fit in a little relaxation and family time. I miss having the family time but not the rest of it. Your girls are growing up so fast aren't they, and so well. You must be really proud of them. But it all seems to happen in the blink of an eye doesn't it?

scraphappy said...

I'm tired just reading about how busy you are right now. I'm in pretty much the same place though, so I completely get it. Looks like your girls are just as busy as you. The holidays are right around the corner -- time to breath then? Hope so.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Teachers lead such busy lives, you're living proof! There aren't enough hours in the day, but, somehow you all seem to make it work. And it is so nice seeing you give so much time to your own kids. Those projects Caitlyn made are awesome! How nice she wants to give the quilt away! Like momma like daughter!

Andee said...

Well at least someone is getting in some her quilt looks great! Since I am not teaching this semester I feel like I am getting in SEW much sewing time. I am always amazed when you find the time since the life of a working mom really doesn't accommodate much "free" time! Glad the garden will be done soon and you can put your feet up--as if! :)

Linda said...

Yep, you are one busy lady. I can't believe it's already October too. Time is sure whizzing by quickly. I love Caitlin's quilt and it's so sweet of her to give it to her friend. I'm sure he'll definitely remember her and your sweet family. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your day/week. Yes, it takes time to blog and everything else but it sure is great to read about your lives. I think the note from the Math group was wonderful too. I love it that this group cared enough about you to write you a note apologizing for them not doing enough work...Good for you and for them too. Have a good rest of the week.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

When the kids hit middle school till they graduate, you have a busy busy busy schedule. I remember those days. Enjoy the time you can squeeze in and make as many memories as you can, it is all worth it. Oh yeah, there is only 10 more Saturdays till Christmas, just thought you might like the little reminder. Yep, this year is almost over already.