Sunday, September 22, 2013

Procrastinating with a little crochet (and maybe quilting?)

I had an itch yesterday morning to start a new crochet project!  While getting packed up for the day (for the Vball tournament), I perused my "Favorites" list on Ravelry and found inspiration in "Spring-Lacy Ripples" (ravelry link | Bernat Free pattern).  Of course, I didn't have ANY yarn for the pattern, but I added it to my queue.  
While at the tournament, there was enough down-time between matches for me to get a bit of my schoolwork finished, and make up a few more Packer ruffle scarves for a craft sale MIL is participating in next weekend.   I'm not completely done with my schoolwork, BUT.... there'll be time for that later today.

After the tournament, Cassie and I headed to a nearby town to do a little bit of shopping:  a few odds-n-ends with groceries, some new shoes for her school days, and then... we hit the yarn section.  Cassie picked out the colors;  and naturally, she went "school pride"!  Blue-n-Yellow.

Once home, after stopping at Papa Murphy's on the way, we all relaxed....FINALLY!  Paul was still napping (even though it was 6PM).  LOL.  He helped out a neighbor during the afternoon, so had only had a few hours of sleep in the morning after arriving home from his night-shift.  

But by 7PM, all of us were full from the pizza, and were sitting around the TV, watching Ratatouille, followed by The Incredibles.  During that time, I started on Laker Ripples, named after our school's mascot.

I'm thinking I may actually head downstairs shortly to put a couple of hours in in the sewing room.  Do some tidying;  reorganize some projects that are scattered all over, and figure out what status I have Lazy Sunday, Bonnie's Quiltmaker mystery, in.

Happy Sunday!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Such a busy life you lead! You remind me of my sister, minus the crocheting or quilting. She's a teacher too, and I don't know how she gets it all done sometimes!

Andee said...

I wish I had burned half the calories you do in a day! :) So neat to see your yarn creations coming along. Looking forward to seeing your Lazy Sunday--I need to get a backing made for mine..I hate making backings for some reason!

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