Saturday, April 19, 2014

A new crochet challenge and family times

Mikey at the Crochet Crowd has issued out the next afghan challenge:  "Cheerful Afghan Challenge," using Red Heart's free pattern Rainbow View.  Despite having other projects underway, when I scrolled across the new challenge, NATURALLLLLY I had to sift through my yarns to see if anything was suitable to give it a go.  ;)
Pinks, burgundy, greens and neutrals --- Raspberry yumminess, right?

Our lil' Easter vacation offered some time to transplant the tomato seedlings to the next sized container. Candace came a'running over once I started organizing all the supplies;  she took over most of the procedure while I simply supervised.  35 tomato plants successfully transplanted.
She was also taught the game Othello (do you see it in the background, left side?) after watching Cassie and myself play a couple of games.  Halfway through the game, she admitted, "Mom, I'm going to majorly lose."  Strategy and practice, my little grasshopper -- strategy and practice.

After a late afternoon "hunt and gathering" trip {{as Nancy would say}}, we did what everyone does after dropping a few big bills at the store....


It never ceases to amaze me at the creativity kids can come up with if given the opporunity.  Cassie and Caitlyn created a makeshift tic-tac-toe board and proceeded to have a game of butter vs. creamer.  

We seldom order desserts, but the meal that Paul and I each ordered came with dessert included.  Therefore, I ordered a Turtle cake, Paul a piece of apple pie, and each of the girls some ice cream with chocolate sauce.
Oh.  My.  Goodness!
I was already stuffed after a great meal of fried fish -- but, I couldn't let that chocolate go to waste!

Not even 1/4 of the dessert later...... I was DONE!  

That only meant that someone else had to give it a try.......


Happy Saturday everyone!


Kevin the Quilter said...

That afghan definitely says "happy!" I love the fact your girls are gardeners! So, you will eat fried fish, but, no sushi????? It's OK Paul.....I would have eaten all three desserts myself!

Andee said...

Great family fun! I love Othello (even have a travel version!) and oh living vicariously through you on those deserts..yummmo! Love the afghan too!