Thursday, April 17, 2014

The difference of another week :)

Just before lunch yesterday, we got the Public Announcement...."Due to the inclimate weather, school will be closing at 1:00 today."  
My 5th hour math class was a bit hyped up, but we plugged through a lesson on y=mx+b regardless, and it went remarkably well! 
This was our 2nd early-dismissal day this schoolyear due to weather.  Last time, I had the girls ride home with me, but this time, Caitlyn and Candace were told to take the bus home.  I wanted to spend a few moments in my classroom, packing up and wrapping up a few things seeing I was losing my Prep period (8th period).  PLUS, I wanted to get packed up in the event we would have a snow day TODAY (which, clearly we have), so that I could be prepared to plan lessons for next week over the weekend seeing that Friday is a vacation day for us.

Cassie (being in the 'big' school) rode home with me and grabbed my phone on the ride home.  Four-five inches were already on the ground, but by this time of year, EVERYONE knows how to drive in winter weather!  Slow-going....

Despite sticking around in my classroom for about 25 additional minutes and stopping at the grocery store on the way home, we STILL beat the bus home!  Clearly it was safe, slow-going for Trish, our bus driver, too!

We kept ourselves occupied by doing chores and making an Easter celebration snack for Candace's class.  At the time, I was still quite certain we WOULD have school today, and.....well..... snack needed to be ready!   

The afternoon "extra" hours flew by super quick!  Paul (who needed to work the late-shift) knew he'd need to leave quite a bit earlier than normal.  He volunteered to take the van to work so that I'd have the 4-wheel drive Escape for the morning drive to work.....

Hmpf.   Five minutes after heading out, he came back in the house saying..."Sorry Hun.  I need to take the Escape.  If you end up having school in the morning.....ummmm.....good luck."

He failed to tell me that he got the van STUCK!  {{I deduced that fact after he left and peered out the window}}. 

Therefore, Cassie and I embarked on the ordeal of shoveling, figuring out how to blow snow with the tractor, and getting this van ready for the morning.  

TWO hours later----success!  LOL.
It truly was nice out.  Candace even came out for some playtime!  38 degrees with only a bit of wind.  
By the time I was done, my hair was definitely sopping.  Silly me.  Where was my hat?!?!?!?!

Heading to bed, I was beginning to accept the idea that we MAY truly not have school today.  It was still snowing....and we easily had 10" on the ground already.

5:50AM -- the call came in.  Early vacation for our school.  Snow day.

There really was only a few mile stretch of area that got hit with some big snow;  a town 20 miles south of us ended up with about 6".  I was curious, so I grabbed my quilting ruler and headed out to the MIDDLE of our yard where drifts don't accumulate.  Legitimate 12".  As predicted.

Yah, it's April 17th.
Yah, there are people who are IRATE at the amount of snow we've had this year.
Yah, there are coworkers who are irritated that we have yet ANOTHER snow day that needs to be made up... {{I think this is our 8th snow day this year; we need to make up at least 3 of those days}}

But.... it's actually pretty out there.  
Besides, by Sunday---it'll all be melted and gone away ..... again.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Andee said...

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it, and you do!

Me and My Stitches said...

Yep...might as well just roll with it! I love the look on Candace's face - she's too cute.

scraphappy said...

I'm down here sweltering with a broken air conditioner in my car just amazed that you have 12 inches! Enjoy every minute of your long weekend. Happy Easter.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I mowed my yard today!