Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Berquist Beauty - top done; crocheted dishcloths

Berquist Beauty - 105" x 105"
My sister and BIL's quilt had been resting on the sidelines downstairs, awaiting the final four seam lines to put the top center together.  Between Bonnie's QuiltCam Monday night, and another half hour tonight, the final 3.5" brown borders were attached.   It has joined the pile of LARGE quilts resting on the carpeted basement area, awaiting fabric selections for backings.  I truly feel I'm going to search out some wide backing (108" and/or 116/120") for the two king-sized quilt tops that have been finished recently.  {{Celtic Soltice, in addition to Berquist Beauty}}

Tomorrow, Linda and I are road tripping to a town 30-or-so miles to the west.  Sadly, a quilt shop is closing its doors, and we're going to head there to check out what's included in the 40-75% sales.   We're going to enjoy the day regardless if we come away with any great deals or not.  School is right around the corner (she teaches in the 3-6 wing of our district's school building), and we've never road tripped together before.  I'm sure the day away will be enjoyed by both of us, and we'll do our best to leave the school-related chatter to a minimum ;)

Last Friday, my parents made a detour for a short visit with us before traveling on to their weekend getaway at a neighbor's cabin 'up north.'  As grandparents often do, they had purchased some school supplies/shoes/clothes for the girls that needed to be delivered.  (And yes!  My sister was involved with that shopping spree as well.  The family truly helps out with our girls so much!!!)
I'm not exactly sure how one of my crocheted dishcloths ended up as the topic of conversation, but Mom hinted about wanting some for Christmas.  I sent her on her way with a couple that I had in my linen drawer;  I'm not a bit fan of the cotton yarn dishcloths; at least the YARNS that I've tried so far -- maybe she'll end up liking them more than me.  There really IS a difference in yarns, and I haven't found a yarn I like yet for dishcloths.  

With another ball of Sugar 'n Cream left in my stash, I made up another cloth with a new pattern (Granny Dishcloth).  I LIKE this pattern!!!  Now to just find the right yarn.


Andee said...

Enjoy your trip tomorrow, I do hope you find some good deals! Nothing better than a good deal and some time with a friend! Love the quilt, love the dishcloth too!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Love your Berquist Beauty! Have fun tomorrow. Is that Bear Den Quilt Co? We are headed to your neck of the woods next week for the first time in 4 years (I have a couple of brothers that live on the lake). I was hoping to get to Bear Den but now I'm a little concerned.... ~Jeanne

scraphappy said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned. Sad to hear about a quilt shop closing, but glad you get to spend some time with Linda before school starts. Soak it up and enjoy every minute. It will all change too soon.

Lori Ross said...

Have fun. Can't wait to see what you find.
I thought you might enjoy these to go with your dish clothes.

PS. do not use a good blade to cut tulle strips. :)