Sunday, March 15, 2015

Crochet deadline; plants doing well!!!

A new project; a new deadline has been underway for the past week.  A customer (via Etsy) requested a 90x95 afghan in the same colorway of another afghan I have for sale in the shop.  He's willing to wait the 6-8 weeks I've requested to complete it;  this will most definitely be the largest afghan I've made.  Each row is taking about 20 minutes to complete, increasing the length by 1/2", so... approx 60-65 hours will be needed to finish off the project.  Guess who's going to busy? ;)

Just prior to having the newest customer, I had been making progress on the Mystery Crochet-Along;  I had been worried up until the last clue -- I'm really liking how my colors are playing together!

And of COURSE, the plants are growing, growing, growing!  Yesterday morning, Cass and I had the task of transplanting many of the tomatoes, peppers and broccoli;  some herbs too.  For the first few minutes, I was really feeling overwhelmed!  I've never jumped the gun like this before.  I've never planted so MANY tomatoes before.  I was running out of transplanting containers.

Growth after transplanting last week (Week #4)

Current growth (Week #5).  The tomatoes look AMAZING!  I just hope I can keep them alive for another (*whiper*) ......... two months!  There is NO WAY tomatoes can go in the ground in our area before mid-end May.  *gulp*
Lesson learned. :)

Time to find some (LOTS) of 5-gallon pails...

Spring weather has hit!  Last weekend, we found ourselves enjoying the first 40 degree day since last Fall!  The girls couldn't wait to pull out their bikes and enjoy.
Since then, this past week, we actually hit temps of 60!  Hallelujah!  Most of the snow is now melted;  even snowbanks have mostly melted away :)

Paul decided to finally burn up the pile of rubble we've been growing for the past few years.  Bonfire time! 
*sigh*  I can only hope that our Spring is truly underway similar to 2012.  We had a stretch of weather just like this;  our first picnic on March 16 even.   Every week, we were all wondering...."Is this the week the temps will drop back down?  Is this the week we get a Spring snow storm?"
But, it never happened!  We had green grass in April;  by May we were ready to mow AND plant the garden still with a little nervousness.  The rule of thumb up here:  "never plant before Memorial weekend".
I was done with harvesting the whole garden in August that year;  I'd love for another year like that!!!

Did you enjoy PI day yesterday?  


Deb A said...

Love your crochet mystery colors! Good luck with the deadline - what a pretty afghan. The plants are looking great. You can send them to me and I'll plant them!

scraphappy said...

Your garden is going to be fabulous. Hope it all stays nice and green until Memorial Day. Thinking of you on Pi Day. Math teacher fun! Enjoy your new project. Working with a deadline will keep you busy for sure.

Kevin the Quilter said...

My friend must have the patience of Job, and the most nimble fingers ever to take on a mammoth afghan that large! My bet is you will finish it in record time! I wish I were as far along as you with the seedlings! I haven't even tilled yet! I need to get those taters in the ground by St. Patty's day!

Andee said...

I am so far behind on life these days! I haven't been reading my blogs and so am catching up now. Yay on a customer who will wait and you getting to do what you love. Your plants look great...I wish I had the time to figure things out and get to all that..I am still waiting to have an awesome window in my kitchen that I can grow things in with more success than in the heat outside here. I am glad I can enjoy your garden!

Dr. M said...

Wouldn't it be charming to have a quilt covered in mathematical symbols. Do you have such a quilt or plan to in the future? Regards Dr. M