Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A gardening post... and Celtic Solstice ;)

We're well into July of 2015, and I really haven't posted much of my garden-in-action this year.

The upper garden only saw a minor walk-through today since we've spent the past week focusing on it.
The lower garden, however, saw lots of action today in-between running to-n-from school to either pickup or drop-off one child or another (that was a LOT of hyphens!)  7:00, 8:00, (no 9:00 today -- she biked home), 12:30, 2:00.  4.9 miles away... it's a lot of to-n-fro, but...

  • the plot of white potatoes were hilled up and weeded
  • onions freshly weeded
  • small row of tomatoes weeded and mulched (grass)
  • the corn was fertilized with nitrogen
  • the strawberry patch fencing was taken down, rolled up (I have a feeling it'll come in use again once the tomatoes start ripening--those silly chickens!)
  • the strawberry patch was thinned/tilled from 3 ginormously wide rows (plus the new one) into 6 thinner rows (plus the new one). 
  • raspberry rows were mostly picked;  we're starting to get tuckered out, so we're finally calling it a day

With the capability of pantograph photography, both of our gardens can be caught each in their own single snapshot.

Upper garden...

Back left corner:  lettuce, kale, chives, asparagus -n- the like...
Large plot of cabbage and broccoli right in front by the door
rows of carrots, kohlrabi, peas, basil, more lettuce
some rogue dill and parsley
berry bushes (currant, gooseberry, and two other varieties that Paul picked out)
tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes (in the background)

... and up close ;)

Lower garden...
the raspberry patch
the strawberry patch
red potato patch (mulched in grass)
rows of corn
dead spot -- nothing
more corn
white potato patch
more corn and beets
onions, garlic
trellises of cucumbers and beans (before the mobile chicken coops)
hills of melon and squash varieties along the back edge
grapes are back there too
... and Cassie, walking down to feed the chickens

Teens!  I tell ya!  It doesn't matter what species they are, it seems like all they want to do is lounge and laze the day away ;)

Oh yes--- and yesterday, we set ONE more set of eggs in the incubator ;)
Due date:  August 4th

 On the quilty side of things...
Celtic Solstice was loaded and quilting was begun yesterday.  It was another day of taxiing children to-from school, so not much was completed.  Tonight, it won't see any action, either.  We are headed out shortly for Cassie's volleyball league.  Love that sport!

Alrighty---Happy Wednesday everyone !


scraphappy said...

Ah, the familiar summer to and fro. Now that Celctic Solstice is loaded, you will be able to quilt a row now and then I hope. It will be full swing harvesting time soon, no time to quilt then!

katie z. said...

Your updates make me happy!

Deb A said...

Wow. Can I be you when I grow up? I would love a garden like that...but alas, I am too weak to be outside much past 9:30 unless I am in the pool, and even that is too hot sometimes. Makes me really miss the north. I'll just ride along and cheer you on.

JB said...

I get tired just reading about all the gardening. Lol. I didn't realize everything you guys have planted. Yum, yum!!

gayle said...

You're making me miss my gardens... and chickens...
Luckily I've still got quilts (and knitting) to keep me out of trouble.
Love seeing all your green growing goodies!

Kevin the Quilter said...

May I come live with you all and be a farm hand? PLEASE????? Love your Celtic Solstice! Can't wait to see it completed1

Andee said...

CS looks great! I have been seriously slacking on reading my catching up on yours tonight!