Thursday, July 2, 2015

Smith Mountain Morning - Greens [Hrs 0 - 4]

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create one of your quilts, start-to-finish?  Have you ever kept track completely of the entire process? 

I was feeling some inspiration the other day due to a recent fabric purchase of some gorgeous greens and purples.  I purchased them together with no project in mind, and despite really liking the look of them together, after sifting through my countless magazines and books, Bonnie's Smith Mountain Morning struck me with the most inspiration!  With greens and browns!  I've made a SMM already in browns and blues (as written), but I have also seen it done in browns and greens.  Simply amazing colors together -- like a forest.

The idea of keeping track start-to-finish didn't hit me until after pulling fabrics.  Therefore, I'll be adding another half-to-full hour of time to this project for fabric pulling.  Not to mention the HOURS of sifting through magazines and books for the 'perfect' pattern!  ;)

Hr #1 -- the stacks of browns were pressed and cut into 3.5", 2" and 1.5" strips.  Greens just started...

Hr #2 -- green 3.5", 2" and 1.5" strips cut;  both green and brown 3.5" strips cut into HSTs and TRIs.  No sewing yet.

Hr #3 -- 2" brown and green strips were pressed right-sides together, cut and fed through the machine to start the pinwheel units

Hr #4 -- 2" brown and green strips still seeing action;  pressed right sides together and cut with the Companion Angle to start the hourglass 3.5" (unfinished) units.
These four hours have not all been accomplished on the same day.  Whenever I leave my sewing room, I pop the battery out of the clock and simply pop it back in when I return, even if for only 15 minutes.  ;)
Stay tuned...

If you've kept track of your log-time during the quilting process, I'd truly love to hear about it.  Please consider sharing a link and/or URL addy in the comments for me to peek at :D


gayle said...

Oh, this is going to be fun!
That quilt will be gorgeous! It's on my bucket list, and you're even doing the colors I was toying with. Better and better.
I'll be watching this project with great interest!

scraphappy said...

Smith Mountain Morning is a great project. I finished one in blues and browns -- maybe last summer. Such a pretty quilt. Really similar to last year's mystery too I think. 4 hours so far, great progress. It will be fun to see how long this one takes. Enjoy!

Deb A said...

Some day I'll make one of those - I was thinking green and brown too but I'd need to get more browns first. It will be interesting to see how long it takes. Good luck.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Believe it or not.......many of the big name quilt makers, and art quilters keep track of the time it takes to make one of their quilts. Recently, Ann, and I had "Radar" appraised by an official quilt appraiser. One of the questions she asked was "length of time" to make the top and "length of time" for the quilting. It does help when determining the value of the quilt. I will be interested in seeing and hearing how long it takes you to make this version of "Smith Mountain Morning!"