Saturday, December 19, 2015

Preparing some soaps & lotions

With Christmas looming, along with my assistant, Candace, I spent the day whipping up some large batches of lotion, lip balm, and packaged up a bunch of soaps for holiday gifting. 
The first batch of lipbalm was of our go-to recipe using Peppermint extract, but then Cassie requested for us to try root beer.
NOTE!  DUH!  Pay attention to "concentrate" vs. "extract".  LOL.  Needless to say, the root beer concentrate did not lead to a very successful batch.  I've set the entire collection of containers aside and will try to salvage what I can sometime in the future.  But, with over a dozen little peppermint containers, we should be set.

Then came a large batch of the whipped lotion - simply my FAVORITE homemade lotion method to date!  
Mixing up the master-batch was the easy part....

... choosing the fragrances was a TOTALLY different challenge!!!!!!
I'm certainly thankful that Candace loves being my assistant!!!  Packaging up all the soaps, lotions and balm took much of the entire day;  I'm hoping they end up being a success with family and friends :)

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