Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A two-year hiatus, but still alive and loving life

The time it takes to write blog posts simply hasn't been a priority for me over the past couple of years, however don't think that the business of life has taken a turn for the worse.
Quite on the contrary -- Life is FABULOUSLY busy with my three extremely active girls!  And I'm truly loving (just about) every crazy second of this hecticity!
The household now has a Senior, 7th grader and Freshman, ALL extremely active playing volleyball in the Fall, basketball in the Winter and Track in the Spring, additionally softball for Candace in the Summer.

As for most people, the realization that we have a graduating Senior this year is a bit surreal and downright crazy to fathom.  The ol' cliche "time flies" has never rang so true!!!!!!!

Cass has certainly committed herself and has been self-driven to achieve seasonly and yearly goals over the past year, both for herself and for the betterment of her teammates and the school.
Parents are usually defaulted into being proud of their children; with these three, it's so easy to follow that default :)

On the crafty side of things......
OH BOY!  Opening admitting that my quilting room NOR my crochet needles have seen much action of any sort for the past year.  A T-shirt quilt is slowly in the making for Cass's graduation, but other than that, there simply hasn't been much ambition to fire up the sewing machine.  There IS time in my schedule, however.... "ambition" is truly the key word.  Much of my evening time is devoted to editing athletic photos for the girls' teams and updating the school's athletic Facebook pages.
My sewing machine and needles will always be there and ready for whenever the mood strikes;  until then, I've gotten over the initial guilt of backing away from that part of my life.

RUNNING update --
This hobby, on the other hand, is (hopefully) going to be taking front and center stage again after having some downtime since 2013.  No crazy plans for another marathon, but reaching a healthy running stage is a goal I hope to achieve again.

For now, that's where I'm at......
Happy 2019 to all!

Forever in our hearts:  Shadow (June 2006, August 7, 2018)
2018 Family Trip - Badlands


scraphappy said...

Welcome back! Life certainly can speed ahead — sounds like your gang is keeping you going. Hard to believe that you have one ready to leave the nest soon. Quilting and crocheting will be waiting patiently for things to calm down.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I heard if you put bricks on their heads they will stop growing up... ha ha! What a great crew you have - Beautiful girls!! Enjoy your time!

Andra Gayle said...

I am a few years ahead of you in the family stage but totally understand the marvelous craziness of what you are going through. I am trying desperately to enjoy this empty nest stuff. Not sure what happened but both of mine have flown the coop. My daughter is actually starting to look at graduate schools! I tried the brick thing with my son, BTW...it doesn't work! He'll be 19 this summer and is 6'1".
Enjoy every minute you can with them now, quilting and crochet will still be there when you find yourself wondering where everyone went.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. You got some really great pictures of Cass and the family!! Best of luck for a successful Spring term for each of the girls. Quilting will be waiting for you when you are able to return to it!

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