Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I ran

therefore I am.
('Bout time, right??!)

And a quick note regarding the workshop today. Ummm.....we arrived, and were informed that "no registrations were ever received, so we cancelled the class."

Ummm.....WHAT??? But, have no worry. I know my handful of workers down at Cesa11 (an educational agency to help support local schools), and they hooked my coworker and I up in a "work-room" with a Smart board and laptop, so we trained ourselves via online tutorials, etc. It was an AWESOME day! WOW! It probably was more beneficial than what the actual workshop would have been :0)


Amanda said...

I had a Smart board when I was teaching - I think I was one of the first in the county to get one - and I loved it. I had great fun preparing lessons using it, and used it virtually every day for my maths lessons and for most of my English lessons too. It's a great interactive tool, the children absolutely loved to come out to the front to use it. I used to make up loads of games on it too.

Calidore said...

Well at least you did achieve something for the day. Smart boards are here in Australia too. Ashley has been wiring up electrically several in the primary school our children attend. Both the kids and teachers love them.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Well at least you were able to get something out of it.

Too bad it didn't turn into a sewing day :o)

scraphappy said...

See, all that worry about your district coughing up the funds for the course registration and you got to do all you needed for free. Maybe now they can use that money for another board.
Way to get back into the running habit. May is coming up REALLY soon.

Candace said...

Did you have to run in the snow, or was the meteorologist a little too confident? Your DD is looking great, and it looks like you have a budding photographer in the family. My word verification is hambutle, which I find intrigueing, small things amuse small minds.

Julie said...

You run girl!!
I am impressed at your determination to learn this. Good for you!
And doggone it, I just realized that I never got around to grading my 6th period quarter tests this evening. It will have to wait until tomorrow now. LOL
We have 44 more school days. What about you?