Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Volleyball Night...

I haven't blogged much about my Wednesday night Volleyball team.....but tonight, DH and I are still pumped up from our late playing time (9:00 start!). We've been playing since mid-January, every Wednesday night in a town 30 miles away; indoor league. Years ago, this league was a bit of a joke, but over the last 3-6 years, a good handful of "good" teams have signed up for playing. This year, there are three "top" teams, us being one of them. Last week was the first week of "tournaments," and we walked away with a challenging, yet solid victory over the 6th place team. Tonight brought on the big battle between 2nd and 3rd to guarantee a spot in the Final Showdown in two weeks. We are coming into tournaments in 3rd place, having only lost to the 2nd and 1st place teams. (Makes sense, huh?) :0)

Anyway....when we played the 2nd place team two weeks ago for the last game of "normal season" before tournaments, we kinda got killed! The first game was neck-n-neck: however 24-25, we lost. Then, the wind was out of our sails, and we fell apart! :0(

So, going into the match tonight, I already just had the mind-set that we were going to lose, so I just wanted us to go out and play the best match we could. I'm VERY competitive, and really try to work on my sportsmanship and attitude once the chips start falling against us. BUT, I still struggle and can sometimes be a "sulker" when we start to lose. Hence, I needed to just tell myself that we weren't going to win so I could just enjoy the match. Afterall, I DO follow the motto: "It's better to have played a good game and lost, than not to have played at all."

To get to the point-----We won! In two games, even! 25-23, 25-21. Go figure! We even played with a sub for one of our "manly-girls" :0) (We have a lady who plays like a man---kills; blocks; you name it!) Our sub is more of a defensive player and setter like I am, so we REALLLY had the mind-set of "play to have fun" tonight. We didn't expect a win.

It was FUN tonight! Not so for the other team, unfortunately. Sadly one of the male opponents started throwing in the towel early and "sulking" (hmmm.....that must be what I look like sometimes!!!). It's actually quite embarassing, and I was bummed because it really was fun playing GOOD, HARD volleyball!

Anyway---pictured is Misty May (Turner) who is probably a house-hold name in the USA. I actually watched her play college ball during one of my first years coaching. Little did I know then that she would go Beach, and be an Olympic Champ. Heck, little did I know that Beach VBall would be an Olympic sport!!!!!

On a quilting note: I basted up both sections of Chloe's Colors last night and finished up quilting one of the sections. I may be able to finish up the other section tomorrow evening ??? This weekend, I will be heading back down to Mom's house for Cassie's 2nd weekend of First Communion instruction. However, this time, it'll only be Cass and I; the other two are staying home with DH.
Plans this weekend: start cutting/sewing/writing instructions for the next quilting class I will teach. Deadline for the printing of brochures is April 1st, so I want to make sure I get my ducks in a row to have a sample top pictured in the printing. Ahhhhh!

YES, I know I have vowed not to start anything new, BUT.......... this is "different!" This will probably be a finish before any other of my WIP's see their finish!

Okay----I'm not ready for bed yet; 11:30 pm! So, I'm off to layout a training schedule for my racing events this year. OH!!! outside running last night! We have had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather this week!!!!! Anyway, running buddy (Julie) called me tonight and we talked about upcoming races we wanted to commit to. Between the weather and her call, I am pumped and excited to get back on track running!


Night all!


Andee said...

Congrats on your win! Do we get to see pictures of your class quilt? How fun is that? Makes me wish I could sign up for your class!

Amanda said...

I was worn out before I even started reading this - now I'm exhausted!! I've never been very sporty, I prefer to get my exercise through walking or gentle exercise classes, but it's great to see someone so enthusiastic. Have a good weekend.

Dawn said...

You go girl!! Congrats on your win!! Looking forward to seeing your new project. Have a good weekend and get some sleep!!

Laurel said...

Amy, what pattern are you using for your new class project? Do you expect most of the members from your last class to sign up or is this another beginners class?

scraphappy said...

Reading all of that volleyball chatter makes me wish I was athletically gifted. My husband plays on two teams, but I will just stick to the running. Much less chance of balls hitting you in the face!
Making a sample for a class isn't really the same as starting a new project. You know it will be done soon and it is something to need to make. So not really a new WIP at all.

Alycia said...

Congrats on the win! And good luck in the tourney. Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

My husband use to coach Special Olympics. They have a motto something like - It is not if you win or lose, it is all about doing the very best you can! I like the part about doing your best. The best is all I expect! My husband says it is all baloney, we are here to win! And that's coaching Special Olympics!
Congrats on the win! Do your best and enjoy the tourney!
Can't wait to see the next class info! I will be watching my mailbox!

Julie said...

Wow Amy, you go girl!! LOL.