Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A quick hello....

hey everyone

I'm alive
But dog tired lately
and not really interested in bloggin' :0(

I've been keeping myself busy with quilting, of course. But I've taken tonight and last night off (again, due to just being tired). Sadly, DH JUST realized he forgot to take care of a down-spout for a customer's house (one he built last summer) and the owner lives out of state; and we've been getting quite a bit of Spring rain over the past two days. Anyway----long story short, 9:00 pm and he just left for the house that is 20 miles away.....*sigh*....I figured this was a good a time as any to put my feet up and check in. I've thrown Twilight, the movie into the DVD player.......*chuckle* You MUST have known I would get a copy :0)

Anyway----hopefully all is going well with you all.


Julie said...

And how many times have you watched it now?

Calidore said...

Enjoy your time out. Sounds like you deserve it. Hope the movie is a good one.

Laurel said...

I've been too tired, too. My biggest hassle is uploading the pictures. My computer is soooo slow! So I totally understand, even tho I did miss you. Glad to know you're doing fine.

Dawn said...

We all deserve a little R&R once in awhile!! Yea, we've watched Twilight here a few time too!(grin)