Sunday, September 6, 2009

First day of school - came and went

Here I was ready to upload the "First Day of School" pics.....but......well.....SOMEHOW I must NOT have transferred them to my computer (but transferred ALLLL the other pics)......and I cleaned up (aka: deleted) my camera card, so now.......they are gone forever. Grrrrrr.

The new computer, printer and ipod arrived this past week, each on a different day. AND, when logging in to my Apple account yesterday to start the online rebate process for the iPod, I came to find out that the printer is ALSO eligible for a rebate! Woo-hoo!!!! NOT expected! Oh gosh----AND, since I'm talking about "happy-things," how about this one: I needed to catch up on bill-paying yesterday AM. So, I start writing the checks, organizing which bills can get paid now and which will have to wait a week or two......I log in to my online bank to check a few amounts-------HELLO! I never entered my Aug 20th paycheck into my Check register! Woo-hoo! **chuckle** Sadly that money was gone after another 2 bills being paid. **sigh** Easy come, way too easy go. But STILL, happy that it wasn't the other way around. (ya know...where you forget to enter BILLS into the register, and then you actually have LESS than you thought! Yup----have done that too.)

Yesterday was the day I sat and started transferring over all the files, applications, etc. from the old computer to the new. THAT was a long and tedious process, and still not completely finished. As I type, I am saving a handful of files to my jumpdrive from the old computer. So rather than simply watching that percentage-bar slowwwwwwly works its way to 100% (kinda like watching and waiting for paint to dry), I figured I'd login and do some catching up on blogs. Candace, dear, grabbed the camera and snapped us guiltily have a tech-moment. Dad was playing a game on the new computer, I had the old computer on the ottoman working on loading files to the thumbdrive, the whole time PLAYING on the iPod touch. I've downloaded a few APPS from the iTunes APP store. There are SO many apps----I've downloaded many of the FREE games. The girls have enjoyed their time on it too. In fact, Candace and Caitlyn have outscored me on the "Match" game many times already. I think Cassie's favorite is the Sheep Launching game.

Yesterday was also a minor-garden day. DH brought in many zucchini from the garden and needed to do something with them. He had all the girls working on jobs; peeling, scraping out the seeds, grating.... I think he ended up freezing 9 quart-sized bags of grated zucchini, and kept enough out to may some zucchini bread. Today, I have a feeling that carrots and potatoes are on the agenda. *I* am stuck inside, though. Lovely Ragweed has struck again!!!! Remember last year?..... (read more about THAT day). I think the game plan is to pick another row or two of carrots and bring them in for me to work on, while he is out with the girls digging up potatoes.

Sorry, but once again, no quilting on the mind. I DO have some time, but I'm afraid to "get into it" again when I don't have much time to dedicate to it at the moment. *shrug* I dunno---maybe.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Patchwork Penguin said...

Sorry about your pictures. I'm always afraid of doing that to the point where I carry them on the card till I convince myself it is ok to clear it off.

So do you like your "touch"? I have Erin's old iPOD.... one of the original, honkin' huge white ones. The kids at school think it's pretty cool LOL


Lurline said...

Oh, we don't peel zucchini here in Australia - looks like a lot of hard work!
Hugs - Lurline♥