Monday, September 7, 2009

WOW! 2 days in a row--AND some quilting!

Yesterday morning, we received a call from our neighbor wondering if we were going to the Labor Day parade in town. He always has a "train" in the parade and was in need of 3 more passengers, so he invited the girls to ride along! Needless to say, they LOVED it!!!

I spent three hours yesterday BEFORE the parade doing my week's worth of Pre-Calculus problems. I have a new curriculum this year, so I'm making sure I'm ready for ANYTHING that could arise. **shrug** It just means a few hours every weekend will need to be devoted to problems......what'cha gonna do?!?

BUT, since I did that...... today was really open for anything! Laundry was partially completed---a few more loads awaited. The dishes were done by 9:00 this morning (with DH's help.)

So...I really contemplated, but finally headed downstairs at 9:15. The FIRST time in over a month!

It was complete disarray with strips strewn all over the placed. The last project I left out-n-about was Perkiomen Daydreams, but I sure wasn't up to working on that monster today. Instead, I pulled out the latest Quiltmaker to sew up Step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights mystery.
All 12 of block Y are complete....

Block Z (?) are almost complete---just need to have the 4-corners sewn yet. At 12:30, I headed upstairs for lunch, and never made it back down. After lunch, I actually was a bit motivated to do something with the bowl of cucumbers DH picked last night. So----3 pints and 1 quart of Dill pickles are finished, and 8 pints of Bread-n-Butter pickles (FIL's favorite)

I'm off to bed a bit early tonight to head to school by 6:30 tomorrow. I want to get some classroom time in before a morning 7:30-8:00 serving and hitting practice I scheduled for the girls. (We took the entire weekend off!)

Happy Monday


Andee said...

Way to go Amy! You are (as usual) a half step or so ahead of me! I have the stuff cut and ready to go, but never quite seem to get to other half is going to MA tomorrow and so I will have time to sew when I am not working and hope to get this step done this week...or at least started! Yours look great!

Patchwork Penguin said...

THe girls look like they had a lot of fun. Your Christmas Lights is coming together nicely. I haven't started it yet.... want to get Old Tobacco Road together first.

What time do you all start school? We start at 7:25.... I'm usually there by 6:20 am..... today was hard after the three day weekend though.


scraphappy said...

Christmas Lights is coming together well. It may get done in time for Christmas! I am in awe that you have time to get any sewing done with everything else that is going on. Keeping everything balanced is not always as easy from the inside as it seems from afar.