Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wanna lose weight?

Coach a varsity sport!

My GOSH! It's almost the end of August----seriously! Where HAS the time gone?
Okay---definitely meant to say SEPTEMBER!!!

Well, let's see----get up at 5:50am---get ready for school then help with the girls, and maybe get a quick bite in (I DO TRY!!!!)--bus comes at 7:05---drop Candace off at daycare 7:15----arrive at school 7:20----attend morning meetings just about 4 of the 5 mornings----teach 8:15-11:42----eat lunch 11:45-12:10----teach 12:15-1:21----spend "prep-time" bouncing between grading papers, prepping for practice, prepping for the next day's classes, writing assessments, tracking down player's attend records, update online systems with vball results, SEARCH endlessly for online results on upcoming opponents, update school's website, type up meeting's minutes, **open can of Diet Dew**, update grades online, fill out paperwork on student discipline, hunt down student(s) who are failing Pre-Calculus and ask them 'what's up?' and set up a before-school-study-session on the one morning of the week that I don't happen to have a meeting, organize home vball tournament paperwork so our AD can get information out to opponents-----monitor homeroom class 2:50-3:18, at the same time trying to talk to team captains about any "issues" that may have risen since the last practice/game before practice actually begins---alternate between heading to practice (3:40-5:40) and heading off to games,----alternate between arriving home after practice (anywhere around 6:00-7:00) and arriving home from games (anywhere from 9:00 - 11:00)----attempt to find more online vball statistics on opponents---grade stacks of papers that really want to start piling up on my desk, but I know better so I plug away dutifully-----TRY to calm the mind down (**STILL wish I had that magic 'off' switch**) and MAYBE grab a bite to each (however, most of the time I simply 'forget to eat'---seriously!---until it's too late at night, and then I simply want to get to bed so I tell myself that I'll FOR SURE eat breakfast the following morning----head off to bed anywhere between 10:00-1:00----fall asleep anywhere between 11:00-1:30----and then wake up to do it all over again------THEN, on vball Saturdays, wake up anywhere between 6:00-7:00----head off to school and spend the day in a hot, sticky, sweaty gymnasium---jumping up and down from excitement of games and matches----simply "forget" to eat because the games are non-stop, or other "things" come up during a down-time game----arrive home anywhere between 4:00-6:00----then on Sundays, spend the majority of the day doing Pre-Calculus problems because the class has a new textbook and I KNOW I won't have time during the week to do any problems or prepping so it MUST be completed before Monday morning arrives......

All the while, I have a WONDERFUL husband who is picking up the girls from daycare by 4:00, then swinging over to the school to pick up the other girls from "After-School" AND/or heading over to the gymnasium to help out "the wife" with volleyball practice by spiking at the team to work on their defensive skills. AND all the while, I have a WONDERFUL husband who looks sternly at me and asks, "WHAT have you eaten today??? Did you eat lunch? You haven't eaten supper for the last three nights, nor have you eaten breakfast. I'm making you noodles! Will you eat them?" which I respond...."yes, dear" inbetween typing up tests and grading papers......and then 10:00 rolls around, and the eyelids simply can't stay open anymore, so I quietly scoop the noodles into a Glad container and place in the fridge, trying to convince "the husband" that I will eat breakfast in the morning and will eat the noodles the next night.


I am NOT complaining---I LOVE this coaching gig!
I am NOT looking for sympathy---I had a few pounds to lose since I backed off my running over the summer.
It simply "is what it is."

Happy Saturday

-Amy (who is 8 pounds lighter than what she was one month ago)


Kathie said...

cereal bars, healthy ones grab a piece of fresh fruit......just to keep you going when you need it.
hopefully your schedule becomes easier soon!

scraphappy said...

I hope volleyball season doesn't go on too much longer. I don't think you can go on like that forever! Your wonderful husband is right. You must eat. I guess 8 pounds gone is a good thing, but it comes with a cost.

Andee said...

Well you are BUSY! I am glad you are happy with it all, but I was exausted reading about it! Smile, the kids are lucky to have you...don't forget to eat, hubby is right on that one!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I know where your 8 pounds went and I'm not at all happy about it! Giggle!