Friday, October 22, 2010


Tuesday night hit every emotion a human person is capable of!!! I don't think anyone would say that I'm not passionate about this sport, nor will they say I am lacking energy on the sidelines. I have been dubbed "the girls' biggest fan!" from some parents; and why wouldn't a coach be the biggest fan?!? {photo via maxpreps---an amazing photographer!!!!}

Tuesday was the first round of regionals; we were the 6th seed playing the 3rd seed with very confident hopes that we would come out on top. Our record hasn't been amazing by any means, but this young squad has made BIG steps of progress from the beginning of the season to the end.

We started on top with a set#1 win: 26-24. Then a set#2 loss: 21-25. Set #3 was a complete flip-flop of set #2 with a win from us: 25-21.

This was going to be a dog fight to the end!!!!!

Set #4 found us with an early lead: 9-5.....and they slowly crept back.....
and then...with the score 21-24, my middle (pictured here a few games ago) went down on the serving line (her knee buckled and flat-out gave out). I needed to pull a sub off the bench, and bless Emilee! With such pressure on her shoulders, she whipped out two back-to-back aces, but sadly, despite being so close at sealing the deal, she missed the next serve to end set #4 with our loss: 23-25. Therefore, the match went into set#5; the first time for us all year. The girls held together as best they could with a new lineup (a freshman stepping into the middle spot and a JV player stepping into the right-side spot), but sadly we couldn't come away on top and ended our season with a 10-15 loss.

We all put so much energy into this match; some blood; lots of sweat......and then the tears after such a hard fight. LOTS of tears!!! This end is bittersweet in many ways. It ended very much too soon to many of us; but....slowly.....we can move on to winter sports and/or our families again. This year's squad will only graduate 1 senior, so we are extremely excited to work towards a winning season next year. However, replacing our one senior will not be easy. She definitely lead this team!!!

So....there ya have it.


The season is over.
Ended too soon.
FOUGHT so hard!

We only graduate one player
Family time can return
Quilting can resume!!!

Happy Friday


scraphappy said...

Tough loss. Glad the trend is headed in the right direction though. Love those pictures! What a bummer about the last game. I'm sure you will find something to fill the time though, with the season over. Can't wait to see what you will churn out this weekend.

knitwit said...

Sounds like your team won in spirit. Congratulations on being such a great coach and motivator. Looking forward to your "quilting season".

jillquilts said...

Great pics! Too bad about the loss! I hope that the girl's knee is OK now or at least not too serious! And WOO HOO for some sewing time!! ;)

Candace said...

Sorry about the loss, but I love the picture.