Saturday, October 23, 2010

October BOM, Twilight, and Caramel Apples

Double Star Chain

The third October BOM was pieced today. Sometime soon I'll see what I can do with the 17 blocks that I have (recall I made a top with 13 blocks earlier this summer)

My designwall still was showcasing the Twilight layout from a month ago. Sure....why not....I was game to piece it together.

The first set of borders are pinned and ready for sewing, but.....I think that's all she wrote for today. After making some homemade Chicken-Vegetable-Noodle soup for lunch, I wasn't overly inspired anymore for quilting. Rather, I enjoyed soaking in the tub for over an hour, relaxing with the bubbles and reading a good book.

Then, after some pleading eyes from a few lil' girls, I made up some caramel apples for an afternoon snack. {Oh, and I allowed the girls to stay in their PJs all day----going green here; WHY have them dirty another set of clothes only to put their PJs on again 12 hours later????} ;0)

Happy Saturday


Jackie said...

Your Twilight quilt looks great!

There are days when I want to be in my pj's all day!

scraphappy said...

Just can't beat a PJ day. Maybe I'll have one tomorrow. Twilight is looking great. Isn't it fun that it was so willing to sit and wait patiently for volleyball to end? A nice long bubble bath sounds lovely. I hope the book was a nice trashy romance.

justjessica said...

Caramel apples are one of my favorites. In the picture they just look smothered in PB.

PJ days are the best days.

jillquilts said...

You need to work back into the quilting slowly! lol

Love the girls in their PJs all day. I plan on doing that this weekend! :)