Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days don't get much better!

Yes, it's an age-old cliche, but....SOOOOO true regarding yesterday!

Yesterday was our final season tournament, hosted by us, with six total teams invited. I am SO excited how the girls played yesterday! We are finally clicking! The outcome of the day made all the running around and organization of the tournament worth it. We placed third, behind two larger division schools; having taken a game off the Tournament Champs and going 25-27 with the 2nd place team. I am SURE the girls slept well last night; they played HARD! So, with a season record of 3-21-3 (YIKES???), this young inexperienced team is going into the tournament season the best possible way---with hard fought wins and closely fought losses.

Then, getting home after the tournament, Paul had cleaned up the yard and garage (Fall cleaning, ya know)....and we had a huge bon-fire.

Of course, we needed to roast marshmallows and have some s'mores, but that bon-fire was simply tooooo hot! So....enter "small fire" soley for the purpose of s'mores!

With Regional tournaments beginning on Tuesday, I don't have much else on the mind besides Volleyball. For round #1 we have a coin-toss chance of moving on. Both teams are very alike (on paper), but my girls have finally found "it". On Friday, round #2 follows, with the finals on Saturday evening. We have a chance if we play like we did yesterday because all the teams in Regionals are our size and division (no bigger schools).

After next weekend; volleyball may slowly start dwindling from my mind.


^A^ngel said...

Congrats for the whole team!! It's nice to see how your hard work paid off!! Excellent job!!

On the coming games...all the luck in the world...and just keep focus...



Andee said...

Congrats to the team! And once volleyball leaves your mind a bit you may have more free time for sewing..but a little variety is good I guess!

scraphappy said...

Way to go with a great tournament! Sounds like things are starting to gel. Next year will be great! I hope that regionals go well next week. Either way, there is a light glimmering on the horizon.

Alycia said...

Congrats to you and your team! Awesome work!! Love the bonfire - marshmellows sound good