Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I'm never riding my bike again!"

That'd be the quote out of Candace's mouth not more than 10 minutes ago!

Red-faced, teary-eyed, and nursing a teenie-tiny scratch with a bag of ice.....goodness! You'd think her arm had broken with the wailing she was doing! **snickery giggle** I'm actually surprised she showed a smile when I grabbed my camera to take a picture of her. That "huge scrape" must not hurt toooo bad.

She is the youngest of the girls to ride a "big girls bike" (without training wheels), AND she's doing GREAT! She....well.....she just hasn't figured out the stopping part yet :0)

Day #3 in a row of B-EE- UUUU-TEEE-FUL weather! Gaa....I've missed this!!! SADLY....back to 40's and possible SNOW this weekend. Ugh :0(

This running thang is hit-n-miss over the past couple of months. BUT....I AM determined....that once the weather stays a consistent "nice," I WILL get into a training program! In fact.....yeah.....I'm off to look at Runnersworld.com to set up a training schedule for the spring/summer.

Happy Tuesday :0)


Amanda said...

Oh I so remember the learning to ride a bike days, the cuts and bruises. Nowadays it's whiplash for Son Number One having been driven into by a much larger car when he was stationary at traffic lights, by a woman who was talking on her mobile! Luckily I'm not expected to 'kiss it better' any more

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Cellcom is just around the corner. It'll probably snow that day! I can't wait until the weather cooperates either, but I have gotten to walk outside a couple times.