Friday, April 8, 2011

Too Much Information

Andra had this on her blog, and I had to steal it......

Age: 35
Bed Size: King
Chore You Hate: Dishes, Laundry, Garbage, Sweeping......OH! It's not plural.....oops....
Dogs: Labs that come trained
Essential Start of Your Day: a shower & coffee with French Vanilla creamer and two packs of sweetener
Favorite Color: Purple
Gold or Silver: Gold
Height: 14 inches shorter than my husband ;0) (kinda happens when he's 6'6" and I'm 5'4")
Instruments You Play: Saxophone, flute, violin, clarinet, clangy-bangy-piano :0)
Job Title: 7-12 Math Teacher, Coach, Webmaster and Mom
Kids: 3 girls (10, 7, 5)
Live: Wisconsin
Mom's Name: Janice Marie
Nicknames: Skatts
Overnight Hospital Stays: appendicitis (age 2), dehydration (age 10), alcohol poisoning (age 21---BAD BAD STUPID night!!!), 3 babies :0)
Pet Peeve(s): People who can't communicate and talk behind backs. Just say it like it is.  And other people who think they know it all and don't know when to zip it.
Quote From a Movie: "Are you talking to me?"
Right- or Left-Handed: Left
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
Time You Wake Up: 5:35 (internal clock); 5:50 (alarm clock); 5:55 (1st snooze); 6:00 (2nd snooze), 6:05 (final snooze) :0)
Underwear: nonvisible
Veggie You Dislike: COOKED broccoli (I LOVE raw broccoli, but can't STAND it cooked!)
What Makes You Run Late: I'm NEVER late! (but if I'm am....hubby and daughters are to blame)
X-Rays You Have Had:  left ring finger, right wrist, right ankle
Yummy Food You Make: Scotcharoos (aka: "Grandpa bars")
Zoo Animal You Like Best: Lions and Tigers

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Alycia said...

How fun - I hate cooked broccoli too!