Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring IS in the air...

Two days in a row of Spring Softball (and Baseball pictured in the background here). Nothing like having mounds of snow left while the fields are slowly worked back into playable condition. ;0) So for those of you southern belles out there....the northern states are embarking on some Spring...FINALLY!

Our girl's softball team (many of the girls also in Volleyball) have started their season with two opening wins. Yah Lady Lakers! The boys had a scrimmage tonight...

It's SO nice to have Spring slowly making its way into the air! Classroom windows have been opened for the past two days.....SOOOOO nice!

Now....just to wait for the first "lawn-mowing" smell.... ;0)

(({{of course, it isn't safe to say we're done with snow YET! Last year....May 7th was our last day of snow. Although....we had some frost into June.}}))


scraphappy said...

Hard to imagine mounds of snow down here. We finally gave in and turned the air on today. Its not likely to off until after Halloween.

Patchwork Penguin said...

No snow here...... but rainy, damp, and raw. I'd rather have the dry air and the snow.

Of course, the longer it stays cool and rainy, the longer the kids at school will be calm... no sunny days to tempt them.