Saturday, May 12, 2012

Full speed into the weekend

Spending some time repotting the seedlings this morning.  With assistance from my coworker (Ag teacher!), I think we have finally mastered growing seedlings!!  These seed-grown tomato plants are the best YET in our history of starting our own plants.  A couple more weeks and these will be able to be placed into the ground.  Now to research "cold-racking" plants in order to acclimate them to the outdoors.

We are thankful for our East-facing french-doors and this mini-greenhouse my parents purchased as an anniversary present for us a few years back.

And an update on Dotty and Pinky.  They are growing and starting to eat grass clippings out of our hands.  Pinky is a bit larger than Dotty, so she's playing the "big-bully" role often.  I always cheer for the underdog though, so Dotty gets my attention as much as possible.

OFF to the outdoors now!  Corn planting awaits.

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Linda Lee said...

It is a beautiful day for working outside. Our sweet corn goes in today also..