Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goats, Kites and Horses

The week began with two new additions to the Skattebo Ranch.  Two little baby goats ...
The first morning with them, Cassie set the alarm for 5:30 AM, woke her sisters, and had all of them eating and FINISHED with breakfast by 5:50 AM.  Why????  To go out and feed the goats, of course.

AND THEN.....tragedy......
On Wednesday, when the girls came home off the bus......


Hearts sank and tears fell.  My was so sad around here.

And after a long 24-hours, word was received that they had safely been "chillin'" down at the neighbors.  
And once they were safely back at home, Paul FIXED the small hole in the end of the pen that he had forgotten about (one that he cut open last summer when we attached a short-lived chicken pen next to our fenced chicken-run area.

Fast forward to the weekend....
Yesterday (Saturday) was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!  
Out came the kites......

With Grandpa and Grandma visiting, everyone had something to do.
Grandpa spent much of the morning fixing the kites.  It was WINDY!!!!!!!

Paul was prepping 8 holes for the new Plum (4) and Apple (4) trees.

Candace filled water bottles and kept us all hydrated!

I planted ....

And Grandma took amazing pictures of all the action happening.

After lunch, while we were in the process of planting trees, the traffic down our roaded picked up almost 200%!  And then.....two-and-two were put together when we saw a team of horses and carriage cloppin' down the road.  Our neighbor was getting married!!! And she decided to arrive in style.
I ran to the house to find the girls before the horses got too far past our driveway.  And sadly, my Mom only JUST got her camera ready to catch the tail-end of the carriage before it travelled out of sight. :(

AND THEN.......hours later.......
Shadow (our dog) started barking.  We were working in the lower garden, wondering what was making him bark up a storm, but didn't put too much thought into it, and back to work we went.

Suddenly, Cassie looked up and said..."We have a visitor, Mom."

The driver/owner of the carriage had pulled into our yard!!!!

I was so shocked that they would do such a thing!  The day was hot, and they had put in some long hours.  

These animals are amazing!!!!!!!

And then the owners asked "Want a ride?"
They had parked their rig up the road and were on the way back to load up the animals and carriage.  They had seen me run to get the girls earlier and thought they'd swing in to offer a quick ride since they needed to head back our direction anyway. (I just needed to pick them up up the road).  I mean....HOW AMAZING is that?!?!?!?

There are wonderful people in the world.

Lost Creek Ranch (Cameron, WI) -- you are wonderful!

Still no quilting, but lots and outdoor and "dirt" time.  Beautiful weekend.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Goats are way cute - lovely pets but boy are they smart and expert at escape tactics!

Ellen said...

Lots of fun and exciting things going on over at your place. Your garden space is just so fantastic (and tons of work) - there are so many wonderful reasons for living in the country.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Spring on the farm!! And I think the size of that garden qualifies as a field. Cute goats, too. The girls will have lots of fun with them.

That team looks almost exactly like the ones I saw at St. James Marketplace one fall. Beautiful.

Cathy Tomm said...

Love the carriage. How very nice to get a ride.