Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Running Wrap up

2012 Running Log
Totals: 62.87 miles (OH NO! Realllllly?)

Another year down; and without many races on the calendar (only one???), there wasn't anything to keep me honest.   That will change for 2013! It HAS to!  Time to get back up to my year of 300+ miles.

So some quick math to set a 2013 goal...before showing the (short) rundown from 2012. :\
If I try to set a CAH-RAZY goal (like running 2013 miles in 2013), that would mean...38.7 miles/week.  That...is stupidly unrealistic. lol.
Hmmm...half of that:  1006.5 miles would equate to 19.4/week;  and even that may be a bit unrealistic.
SO, how about reality???

15 miles/week?  That would result in roughly 780 miles on the year.  Hm....  I can see where some weeks will be more, specially if I truly dedicate myself to some half-marathon and marathon training again;  I am only 37, afterall.  I gots some years left on my legs :)  Besides;  I still have my 5K PR to beat! (25:04).  Will I evvvvver get there again? :S

Alright....how 'bout if we just start with trying to surpass my largest annual mileage to date:  308 miles.  Hm. 4 is my favorite number, so maybe....400???  That's only 7.6 miles/week.  {{That's IF I don't take any weeks off}}.  Besides, it's taking me way too long to get to Amy's house via my virtual vacation! LOL.  And if I hope to eventually make it down to Florida... oh vey!  Time to get moving :)

Alright, now the short run-down from 2012.

1/5/12: 1.00 mile on treadmill (pre-workout)
1/31/12: 2.00 miles on treadmill
3/13/12: 1.00 mile (EZ outside)
3/14/12: 1.00 mile (EZ outside)
3/15/12: 2.00 miles (EZ outside)
3/20/12: 3.32 miles (37:43; 11:21/mile)
3/22/12: 2.78 miles (26:08; 11:28/mile)
3/27/12: 1.99 miles (W-I-N-D-Y!!!) (22:21; 11:16/mile)
3/29/12: 2.66 miles (29:18; 11:00/mile)
4/11/12: 2.14 miles (22:35; 10:33/mile)
4/12/12: 4.00 miles (44:13; 11:04/mile) EZ/L
4/19/12: 2.00 miles (21:56; 10:58/mile)
5/17/12: 2.01 miles (22:43; 11:19/mile)
6/8/12: 1.84 miles (19:36; 10:39/mile) Mileage
6/11/12: 2.10 miles (22:13; 10:36/mile) Mileage
6/12/12: 17.74 miles (1:26:46; 4:53/mile) - XT Bike
6/13/12: 1.26 miles (13:54; 11:04/mile) Speed cut short
6/27/12: 1.83 miles (18:08; 9:55/mile) T
7/24/12: 1.67 miles (19:31; 11:43/mile) Mileage
8/7/12: 1.79 miles (19:02; 10:40/mile) Mileage
8/29/12: 1.83 miles (19:48; 10:50/mile) Mileage
10/13/12: 3.15 miles Ashland 5K.  (36:23; 11:34/mile)
11/6/12: 25 minutes (2.0ish miles)
11/8/12: 34 minutes (3.0ish miles)
11/27/12: 26 minutes (2.5ish miles)
11/28/12: 26 minutes (2.5ish miles)
11/29/12: 21 minutes (2.0ish miles)
12/2/12: 1.83 miles (19:13; 10:29/mile)
12/5/12: 25 minutes (2.0ish miles)
12/16/12: 3.25 miles (41:47; 12:51/mile)
12/17/12: 35 minutes of Intervals (2.5 miles)


Alycia said...

Well I am Impressed!!! One that you ran that much, and two that you can keep track of it!!! I have a hard time remembering to write down my grocery list!!

Good Job!!!

Andee said...

Way to set some goals! I am once again trying to get myself back on the bike at least three times a week. I have put back on all the weight I lost two years ago...if I am not fighting it tooth and nail it just comes on...UGH! YOU are an inspiration!

Beth said...

I had seen your mileage chart and had been thinking the same thing on what seems like a doable goal. I have never tracked my overall yearly miles so we'll see how I do. Nice job on keeping it honest too.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

C'mon girl, I'm getting cold waiting for you to show up!!! I couldn't believe that I went over 350 miles last year.....so definitely think you should do at least 350.

I didn't set a mileage goal for myself this year because I'm usually sore from Tae Kwon Do now, but will definitely get some races in.