Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A good day with a run

Being a teacher of statistics...I love numbers. I love data. I love conjecturing hypotheses and testing them out. My newest hypothesis: Having "mental" break days scheduled in the school year leads to positive mentality and increased production."
Unfortunately, I've only come up with it today during my after-school run and haven't had any time to design an experiment to gather data. But, speaking from my own personal experience these past two days...........**non-stressed sigh**....... I REALLLLLLLLLY needed those two "spring break" days last Friday and this Monday. I've had two days of decent lessons; a little more patience with the students that need it, and productive prep periods to get done with MOST of my school work during the "working hours" of the day.

Additionally, I've been successfully scheduling AND accomplishing some running during my after-school hours. A coworker of mine, (I'll call her Jen :0) ) and myself have been keeping each other honest with scheduling in some runs every week. We both tend to use "I have so much to do" as an excuse to avoid running/exercise/strength-training----but that's ALLLLL in the past!

We both are good at being mad at ourselves for allowing our summerly training to go by the wayside once the winter months hit. :0) Therefore, much (not MOST) of our running time lately has been filled with LOTS of heavy breathing....LOTS of "why do we do this to ourselves?" and "why does it take SO LONG to get back into shape?" wails :0) BUT....we persevere because we know we will get back into shape sooner than later if we continue with a regimine.

Today was a good day running, which is good seeing that I took the entire last week off :\ We aren't quite back to non-walking 2 miler, but we're close; only 3 small walks today between some hills and quicker paced stretches.

AND, I'm just shy of being 5 miles away from running more than I did in 2010 altogether! (Oh......that was such a sad, sad running year for me)

Happy Sunshiny Wednesday!


scraphappy said...

Glad you are finding time to get some runs in after school. There always seems to be more work to fill the waking hours.

Amanda said...

Having a good work/life balance is so important, but especially for teachers I think. It's great that you're managing to stretch your out-of-school hours to include some time for yourself.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

No excuses!!! Get out there and RUN!!! (Although I might have a chance of keeping up with you if you didn't train.) ;0)

Andee said...

Missing your posts...can't wait for summer time when we both have more time to sew and blog!