Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another BEAUTIFUL day!

And I RAN (again)! :0)

Oh, oh, oh......the discipline and constant 'mental-talk' I need to give myself.......

to remind myself that it takes TIME to get back into running shape....

and then the kick-in-the-keester that I do to myself,
....YELLING internally to myself "WHY DO YOU LET THE RUNNING SHAPE GO once winter hits? KNOWING how difficult it is to get back into good running shape!!!"

Only two (2) miles today, but they kicked my butt. If you look closely at the graph above (from my Garmin Forerunner), you'll see a moment early on in the run, and again at the end of the run when I surpass my Max (100%) heart rate. YIKKKERS!

But I survived. No heart attack. :0)

Oh Mother Nature----please allow Wisconsin to keep this weather; please don't merely tease us this week and then drop us back to the 20s and snow. Back in April, 2008, we had a snow day on April 1, again on April 11th, and then yet more snow on April 26th. :0( Can't winter be over for 2012???????? :0)

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