Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hawaii Sunset blocks done; Easy Street caught up; A new start :)

I love days when things plug along like a well oiled machine!  
I got into a major rhythm this morning piecing together the 600 flying geese units into rows of 6.  Although, once I got to the end, I kinda scratched my head....... not sure if I was missing units or if I had extra.  But I figured I'd worry about that once I neared the finish of the 25 blocks; I didn't want to be slowed down with counting and figuring at that time.

And wouldn't ya know it?  THEY WERE EXTRA!
These were most definitely super fun blocks to piece.  Every block is a bit crazy, 1845 style!  Andra and Andee swapped some beautiful units!
Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go.  I don't have any "perfect" fabrics for use as sashing; so a shopping spree will need to be planned. Soon. :)

Therefore, I took care of cutting up Easy Street part 6 since my cutting board had been cleaned off.  That didn't take all that long....

So FINALLY.... these fabrics had been calling me long enough, waiting so patiently on one of my shelves.  And go figure, right!?!?!?!?  Light purples, rich hunter greens, and copper.  LOL.  My favorite!
After looking through my files of "to be made someday" patterns, I pulled out "Forever Christmas."  Although, these most definitely are not Christmas colors. :)  I'm simply thinking of shortening it to "Forever".  Seems fitting.  They ARE my favorite color combinations afterall :)

I was plugging along, cutting away and piecing away.  Until 3:30, when the Packer game pulled me away.  
And now that I see this brownish/reddish fabric that I thought I'd try as a "here i am!" fabric..... I'm reallllly not liking it.
I'm glad I haven't sewn these together yet.  That fabric may just be ripped out, and I'll grab one of my darker greens.

Meet Father-in-Law.  Taken Christmas Day.

Happy Sunday everyone!


K said...

I really enjoy the flying geese blocks you made. Nothing wrong with a shopping spree for smashing and binding..

K said...


scraphappy said...

Way to go on finishing up the Hawaiian Sunset blocks. Definitely an accomplishment worthy of a shopping trip to find just the right sashing fabric.

Gari in AL said...

don't you just love a day when the machine hums and things get done?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

What a wonderful day sewing. Looking good, all of it and you too.

Andee said...

Hawaii Sunset is now calling to me..thanks for the eye candy! Can't wait to see Bonnie's next clue!!! (dang those Vikings..that game hurt!)

Dee said...

Sounds like a lovely (and productive) sewing day! What fun!