Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve - time lapse style

Morning Everyone!!!
Today, I quilt.
Today, I will throw a loaf of bread at the girls, and say "make a sandwich!" when they get hungry
Alright...maybe not, but I will quilt much of the day away!

I haven't done a time-lapse day in a long time.  Check back often, or one final time at the end of the day to watch the progress.

Downstairs at 8:00 AM (a bit of a late start, but I enjoyed a cup of coffee and perusing blogs).
Although Bonnie has clue 7 posted, I am going to continue working on Forever for much of the day, and maybe intermix a little Bonnie along the way.
So my first hour (or so) was tidying up the mess that my daughters created yesterday when they and friends "sewed up a surprise," but then quickly moved into the Diamond blocks.
10:30 MAD update
Amy!  Amy!  HOW many years have you been quilting now?!?!?!

Alright, you probably have NO idea why I'm mad!  Afterall, this block is might nice, right?  Points match up.  Near perfect 11" square.

ELEVEN ?!?!?!??!!?
It should be 10.5"!

Step #6:  square diagonal units for 5.5".
GUESS what I skippppppped over?!?!?!?!?!
For crying out loud!
So now....I have 6 blocks all sewn; and NOT in the mood to rip :\
So....brain thinking, thinking.....
I wasn't a fan of that reddish-brown center block on the star blocks anyway;  why couldn't I just cut them out to 6" instead of 5"?  That would fix the problem, right?

Ummmm!  NOPE!  Idiot Amy!  You've already cut and sewn the star points at 5.5".

Tell me Paul, how does this make me feel????

At least he made a Big Pancake for me to munch on while I fume a bit at my stupidity!
11:30 update
I set aside my 6 blocks of frustration, and started piecing the remaining 9 blocks that use my darker greens.  And after exhausting most of my playlists, I followed Spotify "recommended" links, and came across the soundtrack for Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close.  WOW!!! Amazing soundtrack!  I haven't seen the movie, and I got a bit sidetracked while reading up on it;  hm....I may need to visit the library to see if they have it.  
So, the soothing soundtrack calmed me down...and I came to realize that despite how MUCH I loathe ripping seams.....**sigh**.  I like these colors far too much to have to struggle easing in those 11" blocks.  Therefore, later, they will be ripped out.  For now....I want to continue piecing :)

Lunch soon? is enough! :D

Still working on the other 9 diagonal blocks in darker greens.  The trimming up will be SO worth it; but it does take time to do.  Hm...another fitting reason to name this quilt "Forever.
After a short lunch, I was back to the diamond blocks; and I even ripped out the mistakes from earlier.  All 15 blocks - done.  
Now to find the right replacement fabric for the star centers.....
5:00 update
Getting into an afternoon flow, I failed to take any pictures of the "right" brown fabrics.  Plus, I got distracted from Facebook :D  Between Nancy, Andee and a few other non-quilty friends...I was able to rip out the old icky rust centers, and resew the star blocks with the brown swirl centers.  
The light has faded outside to black, so my plans consist of building a fire and then heading out to the hot tub for a while :)  
Paul headed out ice fishing a couple of hours ago, so I may find myself back in my quilting room later.  I completely forgot to fit in time to work on Bonnie's step 7! :\  


scraphappy said...

Hope you enjoy your day-- snafus and all it is still a day to sew. Enjoy!

Patchwork Penguin said...

Is this the mystery that Angela is working on? I love the colors

Quilter Kathy said...

I love time lapse blog fun to see how you quilt the day away!

Andee said...

This quilt looks great...Kathy, Jacki and I all had to do some substantial unsewing you were in good company! I am half way through Bonnie's clue seven and work tomorrow :( LOL we will get it done though!