Sunday, April 14, 2013

Finally, a substantial post :)

Yes folks, there are quilting related photos in this post.  Can you believe it?!?!?  :D
My mother-in-law sequestered me into quilting a couple of tops; one for a customer of hers, and one for a family member.  This earth-toned one has such beautiful colors!  The customer left all design aspects to my MIL.  I love the framework that MIL came up with.
I quilted it with an Edge-2-Edge feather pantograph, but I left the center photo section untouched.  It has a poofy effect now that I'm not a big fan of, but the decision of quilting/not-quilting over the picture wasn't mine to make.  Overall, it still turned out alright.
Total quilting time and machine binding sewn on:  About 7 hours on and off during this past week.

This little thing was a smaller wall-hanging that a cousin of my husband asked my MIL to make, and for me to quilt.  I again used the E2E overall feather pantograph in a taupe color.  I loaded and quilted it today in just under 3 hours.  Pretty quick.  Nice-n-small.

THEN, I decided to actually shower up for the day :) LOL
I know I'm not the only one who goes for one (both?) days of the weekend without "looking human."  BUT, there is an article being written about the QOV program; my name was shared with the writer of the article by the Wisconsin QOV representative.  Last weekend, there was a presentation in a local city where two of my quilts were given to local QOV recipients.  Sadly, I could not make the event due to Hunter Safety and needing to be a single mom for the day, driving everyone around to where they needed to be.  So, the writer asked if I could share a picture of me either working on a QOV quilt, or presenting one.  Well....psht!  I didn't have one!  In all my pictures, .... nada.
So, I got all "humanified" and had Cassie take a picture this afternoon.

{{sign of a happy quilter = clutter and mess. Right??}}

 But yeah....THIS is part of the reason I couldn't make the event last week.
Not only did Cassie sign up for Hunter's Safety Education... I did too :)  
And we both passed :)  People keep joking with Paul (husband) about needing to share his hunting gear.  He just laughs and says..."HA!  It just means I can buy MORE tree stands, blaze orange, food plot land, .....etc...etc...etc..."

Last weekend was also Caitlyn's birthday.  Nine this year.  And that girl...... yup.  She wanted jeans.  

On the running front... 
I hit a mental wall after a botched 20-mile run last Saturday.  At mile 7, I texted Paul to come get me if he could.  By the time he got to me, I had run 8.9 miles....a far cry from the 20 I had set out to run.  I just wasn't feeling it.  And I've been fighting the mental block of "failure" all week, ONLY having run once since that day.
But today, despite the weather yet AGAIN bringing on blizzard-like conditions.... I ran .... and this was the view from my treadmill.   Only 5 miles, but they felt good.  And truth be known;  I'm considering jumping back on the 'mill once I'm done with this update post.  Time is still on my side;  Five more weeks until the Green Bay marathon.  Next weekend, there is a Half-Marathon that I'm pretty certain to run in.  I haven't completed my registration yet, but... yeah.  Pretty sure I'll be running it.  {{Amy--it's in Oshkosh.  Interested?  There's a 5K too, I think}} :)

Oh!  Need a funny to close your weekend before heading back to work?

One of my 7th grade advanced math students.  And I honestly don't know whether to laugh or not at this.  Does this show proficiency in mathematical reasoning???

I think we all need sunshine and 70s!  {{Heck, most of us will even settle for 40s!!!!!}}

Happy Sunday everyone.


Andra Gayle said...

Great QOV picture! Congratulations on the recognition! Good work.
I have been slacking on my quilting lately. Need to get busy on lots of stuff. I did run for an hour yesterday. That made 10 miles for the week. Not much for you but I am loving seeing the distances add up, now if I could just see some girth diminish, I would be thrilled!

Jen said...

You're quite the girl! You can go from all that cuteness for the QOV picture to the Hunter Safety Vests. Do I hear an "I am woman hear me roar?" LOL Congrats on both....oh, by the way wouldn't it have looked even better if your machine were threaded. LOL Maybe it's hiding behind it? Ions ago I went hunting with my husband. I shot my 1st and last & only duck.....and then cried. LOL

Amanda said...

I love the maths answer, there's a real piece of individual thinking going on there. Perhaps not mathematical, but reasoning certainly. And you must have super efficient heating in your house, with you sitting in a t-shirt and snow outside!

Beth said...

Congrats on the QOV recognition. I am working on a QOV quilt now and hope to finish it this week. The Wisconsin weather really does need to improve. Good luck on the last few weeks of training.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Congrats on passing the hunter's safety course.

Originally I had thought about running the Oshkosh Half, but I still haven't gotten out to even walk. The 5K may be more do-able.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Congratulations Little Miss Muffet, sitting on her tuffet, quilt, quilt, quilting away! LOL Great photo, and so happy you received some press! Kudos to anyone who can entertain the paparazzi, run a gazillion miles, and shoot a gun without missing a beat! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Andee said...

Way to get in some quilting done and mama time and running time! I am happy to report three nights in a row on the bike for me...I figure if you can TRY to run 20 miles (I would never try such a thing) I can handle 20 or 30 minutes a night. Trying to turn over a new leaf (again!). Hope that snow melts soon!

Linda said...

Congrats on the QOV recognition and
congrats on passing the hunter's safety course. You are definitely a busy woman. I hope you have better weather for running soon. Happy late birthday to your daughter too!

Your quilting looks great and your MIL did a great job too.