Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another week (or so...)

Spring is trying to make its way to northern Wisconsin, so I wasn't about to complain when I saw this as my hourly forecast this AM, knowing all too well that I had a plan to run 18 miles.

And in all actuality... the weather was quite nice!  By mile 4, the rain stopped, and it was a very comfortable temperature outside.

Really not trying or meaning to boast here... but I am amazed with my own progress and dedication to running these past couple of months!!!  In March alone, I've run just a hair short of my years 2009+2010+2012 TOGETHER.  Yes, YEARLY totals together!!!!!  ALMOST beat just in one month!!! With one more day left in March, I may just set out to make that a record.  We'll see how my legs are feeling tomorrow after today's 17.3 miles :)

The afternoon was family-time of egg coloring.  This is the first year that I used food-coloring as the egg dye, rather than those Paas kits.  Couldn't even tell the difference :)  
Recipe:  about a cup of water, a tsp of vinegar, and enough drops of food coloring to create a pleasing hue.  Easy-peasy.

Precious patience, right??!!?!??

And another precious pic - Snaggle-tooth here!  Thank goodness corn-on-the-cob isn't in season yet.  Lol.  

We only had Friday off for our Easter/Spring vacation.  :(  Yeah, big sad face here.  So many of us (teachers and students alike) could really use a few days away from each other.  Patience is beginning to wear thin for everyone.  
Most days, the girls ride the bus home after school, but when they need to visit my classroom after school, they usually enjoy grabbing the colored pencils and computer paper.  They waited patiently the other day for me to finish up some tasks before we were able to 'get outta there.' :)

And just last night, I updated my iCal with my running events, so I counted the weeks until the marathon:  SEVEN!
But what made my jaw drop even more......
that means EIGHT more weeks until Graduation!
and Nine-n-half weeks until school is over for the rest of us.

Suddenly, time seems to be flying by again.

Happy Saturday.  And have a blessed Easter tomorrow.


Kevin the Quilter said...

Which marathon are you running? I can't believe it is humanly possible to run that far! So, therefore, I dub thee SuperWoman!

Amanda said...

You've really got the running but again haven't you. Christopher seems to have lost his completely. Easter is such fun for children and yours seem to be enjoying themselves. Just one day off? That's a crime! Our teachers have two weeks off, but then of course the summer term will run until the end of July. Fingers crossed for the arrival of spring with you, we've had some sunshine but it's way too cold to think about planting anything outside. But if it stays sunny I'll wander out to the greenhouse to sow some seeds.

scraphappy said...

Good for you and your dedication! You have definitely earned the right to toot your own horn a little bit. Looks like the girls enjoyed their egg dyeing. Just 7.5 weeks for us, not that we are counting down quite yet.

Candace said...

You are amazing. Glad the weather cleared up for you. Looks like a good time was had by all involved in your egg dying. Fun times and fun memories.

Andee said...

Oh Amy..I shall try to get my butt on that bike this are amazing!