Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life interrupted...

So, Andee put a call out to my Facebook page last week, saying she missed my posts....

Can I just claim that we're still working on digging ourselves out from all the SNOW we've been getting?!?!?!?!!?
SERIOUSLY!  May 2nd -- 8 inches!  May 3rd -- another 1 inch dusting. 
What'cha gonna do?

Wisconsin and Minnesota have quite literally gone from one extreme Spring last year to the opposite-end extreme Spring this year.
Farmers and gardeners were already putting in crops and seeds at this time last year.  But today.... we still have a good 4 inches on the ground.  
What'cha gonna do?

Last Friday, the weather was actually AMAZING!!!!!!  The first 70 degree day we've had since October.  That's a long haul!  
The first track meet of the season finally got underway... and of course there were jokes about still having snow piles on the ground.  (NOW, the track is completely covered, and all the track meets from this week were cancelled.)

It goes without saying... those of us in the North are ready for some sun and no more white stuff.  LOL.

Life has really been interrupted over the past few weeks;  once again different priorities keeping me away.

I'm neck deep right now in preparing one of my classes for the Advanced Placement (Statistics) exam that is scheduled for this upcoming Friday.  Looking at the calendar, it's crazy to think we are already 4 1/2 weeks away from summer break.  Summer?  What is summer?  How 'bout some Spring first!?!?!?!

To close up this post, I want to fill you all in with one of the biggest events of the past three weeks...

My half marathon in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
As the pictures show, the weather was NOT snow covered, but there was a 15 mph wind and the temps were in the 30s.  All in all, not a TERRIBLE day weather-wise, although......that wind ended up being a full head wind at miles 3-4 and again 9-10.

Despite......   I STILL rocked the course with a new personal best!!!  I broke 10:00/mile pace (my goal) and THEN some!!!!   Training certainly pays off.

Sadly.... I have not run since then :(
Scarily.... the full marathon is two weeks away from this weekend  :\

Today, I have to break through my mental 'blah' and get out on the roads, snow covered as they are, with sleeting weather - n - all!  Honestly, I'm not extremely worried about the two weeks off.  My mileage and training build up prior to the half marathon were in excess of any training I've ever done.  My marathon goal is to hold 11:00/mile pace;  that should still be an attainable and comfortable goal.

On the quilting front:  I actually HAVE been working on a massive King size quilt, BUT it's "top secret" right now.  Graduation gift :)   HOWEVER, I do hope to finally dig into some fabrics for Bonnie's mystery in the Quiltmakers magazine now that most of my deadlines of the past couple of months have been met.

Happy Weekend everyone!
Thanks for catching up on me :)


Andra Gayle said...

Good job on the half marathon! Wish you could send some of that precipitation our way though I certainly don't want it in snow form. Tomorrow is my 2nd 5k race. I have been slacking in my training. 40 minute runs but only 3 times a week instead of the 4 I would like to be doing. Would love to be able to finish ahead of my son but I know it won't happen!

scraphappy said...

Congrats on the half! Always awesome to meet a goal. Can't believe you are still dealing with snow --in May! Summer will be here before you know it though. Huge slide to the end after AP exams. Good luck to you and your kids.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Congrats on your half marathon! I probably wouldn't be posting after that because I would be laid up in a hospital somewhere for running 13.1 miles! Like you told me once, we all understand that life is more important than blogging, but, it is nice to know you all are able to come out of your igloo now and then! LOL Enjoy your last few weeks of school!

Amanda said...

And I thought the weather in the UK was peculiar! We're well into spring now, and I've had a frantic couple of weeks trying to get seeds sown in the greenhouse and in the ground as we're a little late after such a long and miserable winter and early spring. Best wishes for your training and the marathon.

Andee said...

Whoot Whoot..I missed this post (still blaming no google reader) but it came up in Bloglovin thanks for the shout out on my shout out! :) Glad you are blogging and sewing!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I am stopping by today, because I was hoping to see how does your garden grow..........forgetting that you guys had all this crazy snow just a few weeks ago. So I am guessing it will be a few more weeks before we get to see all the wonderful garden posts. Can't wait, I am looking forward to it.