Friday, January 2, 2015

Running Log - 2014 wrap up; 2015 start up

2014 wasn't "all-that" when it came to logging tons of miles.  
With most New Year's, resolutions are set and people strive to meet them.  **shrug**
For 2015, I've signed up for a Challenge to start off the year:  2015 #100DayOfMiles on FB
Yup.  It's time to get back to running fitness! Off to an up-down start, and..... I just ordered some new shoes with my Discover Card Rewards points;  they should be arriving next week.  My current shoes have WELL over 433 miles (as shown here) ... they have become my "wear-everywhere" shoes, and not just for my runs.

For what it's worth......

2014 Running Log
Totals: 32.19 miles

3/17/14:  1.50 miles (11:18/mile)
3/31:14: 2.17 miles (11:15/mile)
4/20/14: 1.68 miles (11:46/mile)
5/6/14: 1.63 miles (12:31/mile)
5/20/14: 1.65 miles (14:21/mile)
5/23/14: 1.30 miles (16:41/mile)
5/24/14: 1.23 miles (20:15/mile)
5/24/14: 1.32 miles (10:25/mile)
5/25/14: 1.10 miles (18:32/mile)
5/26/14: 1.00 miles (12:19/mile)
5/28/14: 1.88 miles (10:42/mile)
5/30/14: 2.04 miles (11:02/mile)
5/31/14: 3.02 miles (12:51/mile)
*6/1/14: 3.31 miles (12:07/mile)
6/3/14: 3.32 miles (12:03/mile)
6/3/14: 1.20 miles (15:38/mile)
6/4/14: 1.82 miles (10:01/mile)
10/26/14: 1.02 miles (13:12/mile)

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Andee said...

You are still lapping all those folks on the couch! Way to get back at it--I am challenging myself to get my 8000 steps a long as I hike or workout it isn't too hard to do, but when I want a lazy sewing day I am lucky to get 500 steps--so just have to schedule breaks to walk or workout! We will see if I make it today...working til 9 and don't even have 3000 yet today despite a good walk at work!