Sunday, June 21, 2015

Family and a 'home' visit

Reunion Siblings, 2015
Reunion weekend brought me to the homestead.  Saturday morning began overcast, drizzling and gloomy, but cleared up perfectly with light cloud cover by reunion time.  The size of the party was smaller than in the past, but still relaxing and fun to catch up with family members (immediate and extended).  There really is something about getting older and becoming more appreciative of family.

In fact, how much do I love my family?  (specially, my sister?)  Knowing I'd be seeing my sis, Cassie and I spent Friday morning picking strawberries from the patch in order to make up a couple batches of strawberry jam.  For my sis.  She loves it!  
just a quick taste from the bowl scrapings :D
An ongoing observation with the girls is how TALL they are all getting;  Dad is 6'6" after all.  ;)  Aunt Jenny is getting dwarfed, certainly.  

I don't always make a stop at Hancock Fabrics when visiting 'home,' but on a whim, I drove into the parking lot at 7:20 last night, and left by 7:40.  How's THAT for a quick stop???  These fabrics simply leapt off the shelves.  I can't wait to brainstorm a top.  Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom may be on my list (again!).  Love that pattern.  Or Jared Takes a Wife.  ?
AND -- the best part of this purchase.... it essentially was FREE.  After coupons, sales and gift cards, this $100.00 purchase dwindled to $0.00!  As Andee said on FB -- "Score!!!"


Quilter Kathy said...

Wowzer... I want a free shopping trip!
The girls are growing like weeds!
Great to see what you're up to over there!


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Deb A said...

Love the purple and green together! Star struck would be another Bonnie pattern for those fabrics! I can't believe how tall your girls are! Must be all those home grown veggies!