Saturday, January 9, 2016

A lot of Basketball - A little crochet

The day started as a typical Saturday morning during the month of January for the Skattebo clan.  Caitlyn's first tournament game of the day began at 10:10 in a town about 30 miles away (south), so we were actually able to have a relaxing morning, allowing the girls to sleep until 8:00.  

Once we arrived on-site, Candace said..."Hey, we were just here last night!"

Yup.  Cassie's HS JV game was in the same town; same gym...

The Country Cozy crochet afghan was taken along, and a few rows were completed between plays and games.  
However, halfway through Caitlyn's second game, we had to skitter off to the NEXT BB tournament, 35 minutes away (east), for Candace's FIRST ever game.  Thankfully, a close friend was able to 'mother' Caitlyn for the rest of the tournament;  it takes a village, right?!

The fifth grade team is low on numbers this year, so Candace was asked to suit up as a fourth grader to help out.  Being the youngest of three sisters, she DEFINITELY is living up to be the stereotypical 'little-sister-gym-rat;'  the one who has been on the sidelines, watching for all these years.  And now, she's ready to play!  Her nerves were apparent, but she settled in nicely with the teammates and had a blast.  And as it should be with most parents, I simply LOVE watching m'girls, win or lose.

Our Laker girls!  
(and goofy Daddy-o)

The coldest day/night of winter is upon us... We're due east of Siren...
5pm update with the weather moving east.... ;/

Therefore, now that we're home, we're hunkered down for the rest of the weekend.
Tonight's excitement.....?
Renderin' some pig fat for lard ;)

Tomorrow's excitement....?  HOPEFULLY, some quilting!

Happy Saturday everyone


scraphappy said...

Such a busy time. The girls are so cute all ready for their games. Love that Dad is there in the background hamming it up. Hope you get to stay home all day and hide from the cold. Yikes! Looks chilly.

Judy D in WA said...

I love seeing pictures of your girls and their activities. Sure brings back memories of when our 4 were in sports all over the place. Good friends can't be beat!

Your Saturday night was quite exciting....watching fat render. LOL I bet it turned out great!

Stay warm...that looks like brutal weather.

gayle said...

We just rendered some lard using the slow cooker - took almost 24 hours, but no watching necessary, and very little mess!
Stay warm!

Alycia said...

I love that you take a project with you! and Dad photo bombing - thats awesome!!!