Thursday, January 7, 2016

Country Cozy afghan progress [Crochet]

Coming home from school today with an EMPTY schoolbag, and only one of the girls needing to be taxi'd into and back from town for basketball practice, I was feeling a bit motivated to head downstairs to work on some quilting.   However, by the time dinner was served, cleaned up, and Caitlyn driven off to practice, interest had been lost in heading downstairs to the sewing cubby.  Besides, the temps are dropping, and the basement has a lingering chill!

However, I pulled out the Country Cozy afghan that had been started........ *shrug*..... SOMETIME last year.  At first I thought the pattern needed to be searched out again, but when I simply looked back at the repeating pattern in my stitches, I was able to determine the pattern and added another few rows this evening.

 I'm vowing at this moment NOT to start any new afghan projects until I clear out some of my UFOs and WIPs!  ;)  

The current view of the floor next to my rocker glider....
* A lil' lapghan ripple UFO using up some left over earth-tones...
* a king size manghan ripple UFO is underneath that...
* a neutral granny ripple WIP was started in mid-December one day when I received a bag of yarn from my MIL
* a crochet rug WIP that I started last week in hopes to gift it to my brother for his new house

.... and the view just to the back of my rocker glider...
* a bag of yarn for the king size manghan
* a bag of yarn for my ongoing scrapghan that rests on my ottoman footrest
* another bag of yarn that holds the earth-tone left overs for my ripple afghan

It's time to finish off a project or two!  The Country Cozy afghan isn't expected to finish as a large project;  it should end up being a nice lapghan, or a nice couch throw.

Our lil' lady celebrated her 10th birthday Monday evening!
One of her gifts was a latch-hook rug set of a treble clef;  she's been working on it a little bit for each of the past two nights.  She's loving it so far, and she's advanced to the bottom part of the clef just moments ago -- she's excited to add the new yarn colors!!!!!

;)  Another yarn monster in the making ??

Now I KNOW I said NO NEW crochet projects...... 
.... but in ALL SERIOUSNESS, my brother legitimately has requested a pair of shorts similar to this.  He plays in an annual golf tournament that awards a "donkey prize," and I guess he's hopeful a pair of these FASHIONABLE SHORTS could guarantee a victory!  *snort*

I DO aim to please!!!


JB said...

You DEFINITELY need to make the shorts for Ron! I can't wait to see what he looks like in them. Lol.

Andee said...

Cannot wait to the shorts! Lots of fun projects in the making!