Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chunky Churndash, Snuggler, a Noah's Ark baby quilt gone bad, more pineapple blocks and Carolina Christmas...

The quilting day began by putting the final borders on my Chunky Churndash top (81.5" x 94"). It will need to remain at this stage until I can get some more batting into the house. OR, I may even send this one out to a LA'er.

Then, I put the final borders on Snuggler (71" x 87"), which also will remain at this stage. (No batting, remember?)

Next came some actual "functional" sewing. My stack of "clothes-needing-seam-fixes" had grown to 8 items, so I finally just DID THEM! Two of my shirts, two pants for Caitlyn, one for Cassie, one sweater for Cassie, shirt of Paul's, and a neck-warmer of Paul's. Felt good to tackle that and get them off my shelf!

Looking around and tidying up, I found this panel of Noah's Ark. Knowing it would be a quick finish, I found some flannel Noah Ark theme fabric for the backing, used some small pieces of batting, and went about trying out this 'painter's tape' method of grid line quilting.
All went well until the middle :0( I guess I should have started there? I still don't know if it would have helped.....I used the puffy poly batting which caused the layers to shift a smidge. Oh well, maybe a doll quilt for the girls?


Digging into the 2" strip bin, pulling fabrics, I pieced together 9 more Pineapple blocks (Bonnie pattern). I'm all set to make up a couple of sets in Black, white and red for the January block swap. I'll be calling the quilt shop tomorrow to "put in my order." The shop closes at 4:00; if I leave school by 3:30, I should get there around 3:50. I know she'll be willing to throw some things together ahead of time for me (and wouldn't mind staying open a bit later than 4:00 to accommodate a quilter in need!) She's a great gal!

I also finished up Carolina Christmas Step 1 today as leaders-enders.

My new leaders-n-enders is Bonnie's pattern...ummmm...gosh, can't remember the name; have to find that Quiltmaker again (Jan, 2009?), using blues/whites 4-patches and HST's. My Blue Heaven?? Anyway, now I can move on to Step 2.

Back to the grind-stone tomorrow **sigh**
At least my vacation brought me back to my somewhat normal quilting obsession :0)

Happy Sunday!

Oh Yeah - Stash Report
Used this week: 8.5 yards
Purchased this week: 2 yards
Used-to-date 2010: 8.5 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 2 yards
Net used: 6.5 yards


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way to go. We're on the right side of far! We can do it! Bust that stash, Amy!

scraphappy said...

Chunky Churndashes is looking great. It is a real bummer to be without batting. Is it still on sale at Joann's online? So hard to think about heading back to work in the morning, but I guess we would be overrun with quilts in a hurry if we didn't have jobs to distract us most of the time.

Amanda said...

Your Chunky Churndash looks great, such clean looking colours. With your Noah's Ark quilt, did you quilt in the same direction each time? I find that alternating direction when I'm doing that sort of quilting helps prevent pulling.

Andee said...

Way to go! Do you ever shop at that place off HWY 54 near Trego? The name is Thimbles...the gal in there is fabulous and she knew my dad. Everytime I was visiting I would find time to get in there and get some fabric..have some here for memory quilts for my sister, his gf, and his brother I need to find the perfect pattern for. Oh and the Quiltmaker pattern is Christmas Lights!

Alycia said...

Wow - what energy you have! Thc Chunky Churndash is great. And I love your colors for the mystery!!
Have fun at work!

Pippilotta said...

I like your colors for the Carolina Christmas .

I want to make it, too, but I have no idea, what colors to pick. At first I have to quilt something, and bind it, then I have hopefully found the answer of my colorquestion.

Your pineapple blocks are wonderful. I love the colors.